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, came canada goose store out at 17 as gay, confirming his

When Your Child Comes Out: Embracing an LGBT Loved One

Thinkstock In its first season, the FOX-TV sensation Empire tackled a complicated and often overlooked issue in this country: the range of emotions and reactions when a child comes out as gay. Aspiring pop star Jamal Lyon (portrayed by Jussie Smollett) faces two very different responses from his parents: His mother, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), continues to nurture her “special” baby, while his homophobic father, Lucious (Terrence Howard), continues the bullying that began when Jamal was a young boy displaying an interest in his mother’s clothing and throws him out of an apartment he’d purchased for him.But this story line and similar ones we have seen in recent years (thanks to BET’s Being Mary Jane, Patrik-Ian Polk’s film Blackbird and Dee Rees’ film Pariah) are more canada goose replica than just riveting entertainment; they are mirroring what is happening in the actual lives of people in our community. As we speak, there are thousands of African-American lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals who also may be on the brink of coming out to their loved ones. Although there are those who choose to canada goose coats on sale reject their offspring for any number of reasons—religious convictions, homophobia or simply a lack of understanding among them—many others are opting for love and acceptance.With an increasing number of Black parents being open to exploring the second option, here is some affirming and practical advice from everyday people and LGBT experts on how your family can best support a young person who likely needs it now more than ever.Coming out isn’t easy. LGBT people of all races, buy canada goose jacket cheap regardless of age, are juggling a lot and working through a series of uncertainties around whether they will be rejected; how the world will treat them now that they are out; and what sort of added discrimination they will face as an out LGBT buy canada goose jacket person.Your reaction to the news and your behavior from that day forward may be crucial in establishing how your child will develop his or her own self-worth and confidence. It is important to put your own fears and concerns to the side and focus on being committed to supporting your canada goose clearance sale child, says William Johnson Sr., 70.He understood how important it was for him to react appropriately when his only son, William Jr., came canada goose store out at 17 as gay, confirming his long-held suspicions.“When my boy was 6, he said, ‘I want to be a girl.’ I didn’t know what to do, so I ignored it, telling myself it was a phase. Over the years, there were obvious signs that he was gay, but we never really talked about it.”Yet the day his son came out, it was clear that the young man was at a crossroads.“I saw how vulnerable and how unsure he was about everything. He really needed my support and I knew that if I had stumbled at that point, I would have lost him. Yes, I had some issues because I was selfish and worried … but never did my love for my child waver, because being estranged was never an option.”As for Johnson Jr., now 42, he admits there were arguments as he navigated his identity as a gay man. His father’s undying support, however, was always a game changer.“Around the time I came out, I was confused and sad, so having my father’s love allowed for me to have one less thing to have angst about, which was really important. To have that unconditional love is really Canada Goose sale powerful and changes you."Remember Your Child Hasn't ChangedAlthough some parents may suspect their child is gay prior to his or her coming out, others may be stunned. Either way, it’s important to understand that your son or daughter’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity isn’t about anyone else; it’s about figuring out and self-defining sexuality on his or her own terms, suggests the Coming Out Project.Khalil Edwards, the director of PFLAG Portland Black Chapter, an organization dedicated to uplifting and providing support for African-American LGBT youth and gestiontb adults and their families, stresses the importance of understanding that an LGBT child is the same child his or her parents brought into this world and vowed to love.“Yes, you may have just learned this new thing about your child, but this is still the same person you have raised, nurtured and loved for his or her entire life. We have to remember that unity in our families is a strong tradition; we hold each other close, not push others away.”Roni Carbone also Canada Goose Coats On Sale speaks to the need for more canada goose coats parents to adopt this way of thinking when Canada Goose Outlet their children come out. Last year when she came out as bisexual, her mother told her she was “embarrassed and ashamed of” her, which has been heartbreaking for the 36-year-old.“I knew this was going to be difficult for my mother to hear, but I never expected that type of reaction. I am still the same person who took care of her because she is diabetic, the same person Canada Goose Parka who sacrificed so much for her; nothing has changed. And it’s sad because as children, we’ve been told, ‘There’s nothing you can tell me that will make me love you less.’ Parents really need to re-examine those phrases.”The notion of your child staying the same also applies to transgender children, whom you may see as “changing,” but Tiq Milan, a transgender man and activist, emphasizes that your child is living out who he or she has always been.“When I told my mother, who died last year, that I was trans in 2007, she was shocked. She cried but still showed up at my surgery and told me she loved and accepted me. She admitted that she felt like her daughter died, which was really hard for me to hear. But I told her, ‘This idea of having a daughter is gone, however, Canada Goose online I am still your child and still me,’” he says.Milan adds, “Older generations of parents have this idea that their children are their property, and they’re not; you have to let them be who they want to be. I’m lucky because I had parents who were there for me, but I know of trans folks who’ve lost their families. It’s hard for us; we really need our families. Without mine, I don’t think I’d be there right now.”Do the WorkThe concept of an LGBT cheap Canada Goose identity may be one your family never considered in a meaningful way prior to your child coming out. Yes, you may have a gay friend at work or at church, but it’s likely you are going to have a lot of questions, such as: If the individual is trans, what does hormone therapy mean, and what pronouns will now be used? How can I talk about HIV without offending this person? How do I know this is really who he or she is and not a phase?Thanks to the Internet, families now have a wealth of information at their fingertips from organizations such as PFLAG (pflag.org), the Family Acceptance Project (familyproject.sfsu.edu), the National Black Justice Coalition (nbjc.org) and the National Center for Transgender Equality (transequality.org), to name a few, which can also connect your family with others who have had similar experiences as well as LGBT-affirming family therapists who may be able to meet your child’s specific needs.Taking the time to learn about his sexual orientation is what made Johnson Jr. really proud of his father.“A lot of parents try to put the ownership of understanding what it means to be gay on their child, which is Canada Goose Jackets unfair, especially if the child is an adolescent. My father did the work for himself. He sought help and even bought books.”In addition, “doing the work” canada goose clearance is also about nurturing, communicating with and standing up for your LGBT canada goose deals children, stresses Lakeitha Elliot, 38, who has both a lesbian mother and a lesbian teenage daughter who came out four years ago.“Since my daughter came out, there have been teachers who’ve said problematic things to her, which we’re not going to tolerate,” she says. “As parents, must communicate and connect with our children. We also have to recognize that there are LGBT kids killing themselves because they’re [being bullied] or are unloved by their familes.”Edwards also notes that your child is going to be judged not just for being Black but also for being LGBT. These canadian goose jacket multiple levels of struggle make your support vital.“We know that Black students are being disciplined [unfairly], how the school-to-prison pipeline works and how unsafe school is, but Black LGBT youth have a double negative against them. That’s why we have to affirm our kids in their Blackness and [their sexual orientation and gender identity] and be intentional about it,” he says.Reconciling Your Faith With Your “Baby”Although we’ve seen a slight shift in churches being more accepting of LGBT people, there is still a lot of church-induced silence and stigma that use faith to denounce “alternative” lifestyles. For some Christian and Muslim families, navigating their religion canada goose outlet while attempting to support an LGBT child can be challenging.But for Ray Hawes, 66, a devout Christian and father of an adult lesbian daughter, it’s clear that a parent’s spirituality and love for offspring don’t have to be at odds.“If Canada Goose Online everyone practiced what the Bible said word-for-word, you’d have to clean out the churches, ban football because of touching ‘pigskin’ and you could never sleep next to your menstruating wife. We don’t live in the world that existed when the Bible was written, so we shouldn’t take canada goose black friday sale passages out of context to condemn people. Betsy will always be my baby; I couldn’t love her any less and don’t believe my faith asks me to.”Says Edwards, “The Bible teaches us that God is love and acceptance; that has been the cornerstone of our faith as African-Americans.”Be prepared for long nights, conversations and even some missteps, but realize that this isn’t the end of your family as you knew it; instead, this is a new beginning. For parents who may have had a negative reaction when a child first came out, it’s not too late to try to make amends. Remember that extending your love and support is always the first step.Now go and take this journey as a family—together.Pitfalls of IntoleranceFailure to accept your LGBT loved one can have devastating consequences for his or her futureIt’s important to point out that when it comes to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Black LGBT people suffer the most, facing vast economic, social and health disparities.According to a 2012 report released by the Center for American Progress, Black LGBT individuals:• Have higher rates of unemployment or underemployment;• Face overall lower rates of pay and higher rates of poverty;• Are less likely to have health insurance; and• Experience higher rates of homelessness during youth than their peers.Even in our schools, they are not as safe. According to a 2013 report conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network:• Black LGBT students receive some of the most hostile treatment in our nation’s school systems.• 85 percent of Black LGBT students said they hear homophobic remarks.• Just half of Black students feel safe at school, and only 38 percent report incidents to teachers.• Bullied LGBT students of color have GPAs a half point lower than their nonbullied counterparts.Black trans individuals continue to fall through canada goose the cracks, confirms the 2011 report Injustice at Every Turn:• Black transgender people live in extreme poverty, with 34 percent making $10,000 or less a year; 26 percent are unemployed; 46 percent report being harassed at work for their gender identity; and 13 percent were sexually assaulted at work.• 41 percent have been homeless in the past (five times the rate of the general U.S. population) and almost half have attempted suicide.• More than 20 percent of transgender people in the report’s survey were HIV-positive, and 10 percent didn’t know their HIV status.In addition, Black transgender women disproportionately face higher rates of violence and homicide. Just this year alone, no fewer than 15 Black trans women have been murdered.

Some of them 2018 canada goose outlet are: “God Hates Figs”;

The Greatest Town in America

If you watched last Thursday’s episode of “Parks and Recreation,” you saw the release of Leslie Knope’s canada goose coats complete guide to Pawnee called “Pawnee: The Greatest Town Canada Goose Parka in America.”

We wanted to chat with Knope herself about this Canada Goose Coats On Sale extensive text on Pawnee history and the sites to see, but she wasn available. So, we went with and Rec co creator Michael Schur.

Schur explained that writing a book about Pawnee like Canada Goose Jackets a natural fit, since they have lot of back stories for different aspects of the town that we don’t have time to put in the episodes. “There’s a lot of hometown pride, more than most people probably buy canada goose jacket cheap have.”

So the “Parks and Recreation” creative team put together all canada goose clearance sale the information and art they had on Pawnee from the series. The canada goose coats on sale book is divided into sections, some of which are on the Pawnee government and what entertainment venues are Canada Goose Outlet available such as the lot behind Ann Perkins’ house. Some of the cast members, like Nick Offerman and Ben Schwartz, wrote canada goose outlet store locations some of the text for Canada Goose online their own characters.

After doing so much exhaustive research, they wound up with future Canada Goose sale storylines. “Some canada goose black friday sale things that came right out of the book led directly to episodes of the show,” he said. “It definitely helped shape the season.”

So can we expect to see the heir of “Kernston’s Rubber Nipples” to show up? It a possibility.

The book really is a funny read, but if I had to pick the top canada goose clearance five things I LOL at in this book, these are it:

Town Slogans Through the Years: In the very first few canadagoosejacket-outlet pages canada goose store of the book is a pictorial my website list of Pawnee’s past and present town slogans. Some of them are “Welcome German Soldiers” (1939 1945); “Birthplace of Julia Roberts” (1985 1988); and “Home of the World Famous Julia Roberts Lawsuit” (1988 2001).

The Best Concert Venues in Pawnee, by Andy Dwyver: It’s canada goose deals not really the canadian goose jacket list of concert venues cheap Canada Goose that caught my attention but the list of every single name Andy’s band “Mouse Rat” has been called. Some of them 2018 canada goose outlet are: “God Hates Figs”; “Department of Homeland Obscurity”; canada goose replica “Just The Tip”; “Nothing Rhymes with Orange”; and “Nothing canada goose outlet toronto factory Rhymes canada goose with Blorange.”

Pawnee in 2116, by Chris Traeger: “Let me just buy canada goose jacket say this book is literally one of the greatest ideas anyone has ever had on Earth. Welcome to the worst city on earth: Leslie’s pure loathing for Eagleton (aka Loserton, Evilton, Greedyton) is definitely not disguised here. “Official City Drink: A steaming hot cup of their own pee,” she writes. Canada Goose Online Even though we now know that Leslie was born in Eagleton and not Pawnee (aka Blah nee, Yawnee, Scrawnee), it’s unlikely that her feelings have changed.

March Canada Goose Coats On Sale 15, canada goose store 2017

White House seeks to cut EPA budget 31 percent as Trump targets regulation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Donald Trump administration canada goose replica is proposing a 31 percent cut to Canada Goose Parka the Environmental Protection Agency budget, eliminating its climate change Canada Goose Jackets programs and trimming back core initiatives aimed at protecting canada goose outlet toronto factory air and water quality, according to budget documents released on Thursday. March Canada Goose Coats On Sale 15, canada goose store 2017. businesses like oil drillers and coal miners. The proposed cuts are a starting point in negotiations with Canada Goose Online Congress, and could be tempered.

The proposal would buy canada goose jacket eliminate 3,200 EPA Canada Goose Outlet employees, or 19 percent of the canada goose current workforce, and canada goose coats on sale effectively erase former President Barack Obama initiatives to combat climate change by cutting funding for the agency signature Clean Power Plan aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

It would also eliminate climate change research and international climate change programs. Together, the cuts to climate change initiatives at the agency would eliminate some $100 canada goose black friday sale million in canada goose outlet store locations spending.

with the President America First Energy canadian goose jacket Plan, the budget reorients the EPA air program to protect the air we buy canada goose jacket cheap breathe without unduly burdening the American canada goose deals economy, a summary of the agency proposed budget canada goose coats said.

Trump has expressed doubts about the science of climate change and has said the United States can Canada Goose online reduce green regulation drastically without compromising air and water quality.

But the proposed EPA budget cuts would extend well beyond climate change. It 2018 canada goose outlet would cut some $427 million to regional cheap Canada Goose pollution cleanup programs, including in the read more here Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay. Funding for the Superfund canada goose clearance sale program to clean up the nation Canada Goose sale most contaminated sites would drop by $330 million to $762 million.

The budget summary said the rationale for the changes is to give local and state governments often facing severe budget constraints themselves responsibility for such canadagoosejacketsaleca clean up canada goose clearance efforts.

One area that would see a small boost is for State Revolving Funds, low interest loans for investments in water and sanitation infrastructure. The budget would add $4 million to the funds, bringing its budget up to $100 million.

” She says: “Been canada goose having conversations

[BLACK POP DAILY] J.Cole Engaged??

Is Beyoncé's marriage ***flawless? canada goose black friday sale Beyoncé Canada Goose sale Hinting at Marital Issues on New canada goose clearance Album?Beyoncé’s new self-titled sneak-a-boo LP has got the world going crazy, but what’s on the album may cause even more hoopla. On the track “Mine,” Bey sings a few lyrics that’ll make you go “hmm.” She says: “Been canada goose having conversations about breakups and separations/I’m not feeling like myself since the baby/Are we gonna even make it?” (Oh, let me not forget to squeeze the line where she calls Jay Z “so fine.” Yeah, I didn’t get that canada goose outlet part either.) Sounds like the Carters might be having a Canada Goose Outlet little trouble, trouble (Bernie Mack voice). Either that or buy https://www.forcanadagoose.ru canada goose jacket Bey is getting her Kimye on, pulling stunts just to keep those headlines popping.Read it at Rhymes with canada goose coats Snitch.J.Cole Proposed to College Sweetheart?Speaking of the married life, word on the tweet (yes, I really just said that) says that Canada Goose Jackets J.Cole is a newly engaged Canada Goose online man. Various sites have been buzzing with reports that the North Carolinian put a ring on his college boo, Melissa Heholt. The two even got a special shout out from the official Twitter account of their alma mater, St. John’s University, congratulating them on the engagement. canada goose replica (Awww!) No word from Cole World as Canada Goose Coats On Sale of yet, canada goose coats on sale but now we canadian goose jacket know who’s got him up all night power tripping and singing all those love songs. (“Would you believe me if I said I’m in love…”—we do now!) Congrats if it’s true!Read it at MTV and Madame Noire.LeBron James canada goose clearance sale Kicks canada goose deals a Rhyme for #4BarsFridayJust before the start of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Portland Trail Blazers famed point guard Damian Lillard started a trend that challenges fellow ballers and fans to showcase their rap skills on Instagram, #4BarsFriday.LeBron James just added himself to the list of players who’ve put their corny buy canada goose jacket cheap non-rapping skills on display. (Safe to say he won’t be getting his Shaquille O’ Neal on and putting out an album anytime soon, praise the Lord.) Bron cheap Canada Goose Bron rapped about his King James status Canada Goose Parka and his young ones being next in line for the crown. (Yup, he’s been hanging around Jay Z a little too long.) But umm, I have one word for Canada Goose Online this young man: basketball.Stick to it.Read it at Hip-Hop Wired canada goose store.

The canada goose black friday sale Buccaneers did not attempt

led Florida stymies East Tennessee State

Robinson scored a game high 24 points and added seven rebounds to help the fourth seeded Gators eventually dispatch the No. 13 seed Buccaneers and canada goose clearance sale move on to the Canada Goose Outlet second round of the NCAA Tournament East Regional with Canada Goose Online an 80 65 victory Thursday at the Amway Center.

Florida will face canada goose replica No. Florida

team, we were just trying to play defense, and I just tried to beat everybody canada goose coats down the court, Robinson said. defense is one of their emphases and what they need to work on. So I just try to run as hard and play as canada goose outlet toronto factory hard as cheap Canada Goose I can, and my teammates found me when I canada goose did.

While it never felt like the Gators (25 8) were in any serious trouble against the Buccaneers (27 8), they appeared frustrated and maybe a bit flustered during the first half before finding a rhythm.

Florida trailed 37 35 in the early minutes of the second half before forward Justin Leon nailed a 3 pointer. Robinson then added two and leading scorer KeVaughn Allen, to that point without a field goal, sank canada goose clearance one of his own. That hot stretch put the Gators up 47 39 canada goose deals and the Buccaneers never got back in the game.

A thunderous slam by forward Kevarrius Hayes with 8:35 remaining in the second half had website Florida off and running for good in front of a crowd that felt almost like home for the Gators, whose campus is about two hours buy canada goose jacket cheap away.

main thing with our rhythm was just getting stops defensively, said Canyon canada goose store Barry, canada goose outlet store locations who was part of a Gators effort that turned 17 Buccaneers turnovers into 20 points. locked in defensively, and, obviously, making shots helps, too.

Chris Chiozza (five rebounds, three assists) and Kasey Hill (six rebounds, five assists) finished with 14 points apiece for the Gators.

Allen, who entered as the team leading scorer at 13.9 buy canada goose jacket points per game, finished with seven points on 1 of 11 shooting from the field in one of his worst games of the season. It will be critical he plays better against the Cavaliers, whose defense struggled to contain UNC Wilmington 3 point shooters.

thing I like about KeVaughn is he goes 1 for 11 instead of 1 for 4, Gators coach Mike White said. stayed aggressive. That what canada goose coats on sale I ask him to do.

While Florida leading scorer was off his game, East Tennessee State star played well despite getting little help. Cromer, who willed the Buccaneers into the NCAA Tournament with a historic showing in the Southern Conference tournament, finished with a team high 19 points.

David Burrell had 11 points and was the only other East Tennessee State player to hit double figures.

just a great team, well coached team, Cromer said. made a lot Canada Goose Coats On Sale of shots, and they bothered us with their length. Like Canada Goose online I said, Canada Goose Jackets just a great and well coached team.

Florida got off to a promising start early in the first half using its transition offense.

The Gators turned a missed shot by the Buccaneers into an emphatic dunk by Robinson, who leaked behind the defense. Robinson slam put Florida up 14 6 fewer than five minutes into the game.

However, 2018 canada goose outlet the Buccaneers were effective in the half court and flustered the Gators into several turnovers after their quick start. Barry had multiple passes go off his hands and out of bounds, a microcosm for a Florida offense that has been clunky at times this season and certainly was during stretches against the Buccaneers.

While pleased with a victory, the Gators recognize there is plenty of improvement to canadian goose jacket be made.

still got a lot more basketball to be played, Robinson said. feels good to get this win, but we Canada Goose Parka still got to get back to watching film tonight and be ready to play Saturday.

NOTES: Gators F Gorjok Gak, who entered the game just 1 of 6 from the foul line, had an embarrassing https://www.canadagoosejackets7v.com trip there in the first half. Gak shot an air ball on the first attempt and missed his second badly as well. The freshman did give Florida some important minutes Canada Goose sale inside.. Florida was 1 of 10 from behind the 3 point line in the first half and finished 7 for 22.. The canada goose black friday sale Buccaneers did not attempt a free throw or have any fast break points during the first half.. G Desonta Bradford, who came into the game second on East Tennessee State in scoring, finished with four points on 2 of 7 shooting frm the field.

The philologist explains the name as a corrupt spelling

[Hungry for History] Collard Greens

Recently, Whole Foods offered up the tutorial How to Cook Collards, accompanied by a recipe and a large photograph depicting the extremely nutritious greens tossed with roasted peanuts and peanut butter.“If you’re not cooking with these greens you need to be,” the canada goose deals blog’s headline read. canadagooseoutletcanada Almost instantly, canada goose coats Black Twitter was brought to a boil.Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie, a professor of history and foodways at Boston’s Babson College, offers a lighter perspective to help ease this angst over Whole Foods’ (and other) examples of culinary entitlement.“I describe the recent posting as Canada Goose sale a Canada Goose Online Columbus approach,” said the Canada Goose Coats On Sale author of Hog and Hominy: Soul Food from Africa to America, where in 2008, he described West African women gathering “bush greens” consisting of spinach, canada goose collards, mustard greens and root vegetable leaves to use raw or cooked. “Whole Foods seems to be ‘discovering’ collard greens the way Columbus ‘discovered’ America.”Opie’s newest book, Zora Neale Hurston on canada goose coats on sale Florida Food: Recipes, Remedies & Simple Pleasures, released a year ago, includes many references to greens from the author’s private and published works, including the detailed collard-cleaning process described as a reflection of how much canada goose clearance sale the greens are Canada Goose Jackets loved by the Black community. “Hurston recalls when her ‘mother was going to have collard greens for dinner,’ she would take a dishpan full of them down to the spring to Canada Goose Outlet wash,” Opie writes.And just how do we address all the trendy White chefs not giving Black cultural attribution to collard recipes, or the Canada Goose Parka Southern Whites crediting grandparents and generations before with passing down their family’s collard green dishes?According to Dr. Charles Forster Smith, White collard green recipes could be authentic for those families buy canada goose jacket coming canada goose replica from poverty. In 1883, the South Carolina-born Vanderbilt professor observed, “In the South, no word is better known among the poorer Whites and Negroes than collards or greens.”Later, William Oliver Stevens, a well-known writer who had received a Ph.D in English literature from Yale in 1903, took a stronger approach, decrying White participation with collard green cooking in his 1939 travel book about Charleston, South Carolina.“There is also a favorite green vegetable—a tough bitter horror called ‘collards,’ which looks like what you canada goose black friday sale pick out of a wet lawn mower. The philologist explains the name as a corrupt spelling. Originally, during the eighteenth century anyway, only ‘collard’ people though it was fit canada goose store to eat,” he wrote in his 1939 book, Charleston.The following recipe adapted from Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of buy canada goose jacket cheap Cooking in a Black Family, by author Alice Randall and her daughter Caroline Randall-Williams, an assistant English professor at West Virginia University, reflects a new generation of collard greens cooks who (wisely) appreciate this delicious dish… with canada goose outlet a twist.“By the canada goose clearance time I started cooking greens, I only distantly remembered the pots of greens Nana and Grandma cooked that included smoked turkey legs and even Canada Goose online ham hocks. canadian goose jacket I was far more familiar with Caribbean-style greens—hot, spicy and stewed with other vegetables. That’s what happens here,” writes Caroline Randall-Williams in the recipe’s head notes.A Mess of Greens2 large bunches collards, kale, turnip greens or mustard greens1 yellow onion, diced3 garlic cloves mined3 jalapenos, dice¼ cup hot sauce1 tablespoon apple cider vinegarI like to wash my greens seven times, but I realize that isn’t essential. It is, however, essential that you wash them in enough changes of water to get them completely clean. After you wash them, tear them up and throw them in a large pot. Add 1½ quarts of water, the onion, garlic, jalapeños, his sauce and vinegar, cover the pot, and bring to a boil.Reduce the heat and allow the greens to stew on low heat until very soft, two hours. Serve the greens hot with plenty of the pot liquor.Donna Battle Pierce is a food editor and test kitchen director. Her most recent research included trips to explore public and private archives in South Carolina, South Dakota, Nebraska and Massachusetts for cheap Canada Goose a book she’s writing about Black cooks, restaurants and recipes. She currently writes, teaches cooking classes and conducts seminars about saving family recipes. Follow her on Twitter @BlackAmerCooks.