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see this transition happening and we want to Canada Goose

Qualcomm plans smartphone chips with 64

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) Qualcomm Inc said on Monday it will make linked site smartphone chips with 64 bit features typically canada goose coats on sale found in personal computers, following Apple Inc and opening the way to more canada goose deals efficient mobile gadgets.

The canada goose coats headquarters in San Diego of Qualcomm Inc., a wireless communications canada goose clearance company, as seen December 5. RUSSIA SPY

Qualcomm said its new Snapdragon 410 component will also include 4G cellphone connectivity technology and be aimed at buy canada goose jacket cheap the fast growing Chinese market, where it should start appearing in Canada Goose Outlet low cost smartphones in the second half of 2014.

Along Canada Goose Jackets with 4G, 64 bit technology will become standard across Qualcomm products, said Michelle Leyden Li, a Qualcomm senior director in charge of marketing its Snapdragon line.

Led by Apple iPhones, the smartphone industry evolution toward 64 bit chips reduces the gap between low power mobile processors and punchier chips used in laptops, desktop PCs and servers.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has also said it plans to use 64 bit processors in its smartphones.

Processors with 64 bit features can take advantage of more memory than 32 bit canada goose replica processors now canada goose store found in most mobile Canada Goose Parka devices, potentially letting them work faster and more efficiently.

Current smartphones don have enough memory Canada Goose online to give 64 bit processors an advantage canada goose outlet toronto factory of canada goose clearance sale 32 bit chips, but future phones probably will include enough Canada Goose sale memory to give the 64 bit processors a performance boost.

Taking canada goose advantage of 64 bit processors also requires changes to software originally designed for 32 bit processors.

a little bit chicken and the egg, 2018 canada goose outlet Leyden Li said. see this transition happening and we want to Canada Goose Coats On Sale be canada goose black friday sale there to help enable the ecosystem.

In September, Apple unveiled its first iPhone made with buy canada goose jacket a 64 bit processor, leading to speculation the company plans to merge its iOS mobile platform cheap Canada Goose with the https://www.arconserve.ca operating system Canada Goose Online used for its Mac laptop and desktop personal computers. Future Macs could be built with the same line of chips Apple that uses in its iPhones and iPads.

Intel Corp already includes 64 bit features in its mobile chips canada goose outlet store locations but the company architecture has failed to catch on in smartphones and tablets. canadian goose jacket A competing, low power architecture has been licensed to chipmakers by Arm Holdings Plc and has become ubiquitous in devices.

Just read the news— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) July 30

[BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLER] Russell, You Let Harriet Tubman Down

NOTE: to the sister who played Harriet…do know that this conversation isn't over yet… The most famed "conductor" of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman is said to have worked to free no less than 300 enslaved Africans from bondage. Tubman is also known for the quote: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves.”Nearly three weeks ago, CNN anchor Don Lemon drew the ire of Black cheap Canada Goose people across the country with his “No Talking Points” rant that presented five comical "solutions" to enable Black people to end racism. One of the newsman’s loudest detractors was hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who roundly dismissed Lemon’s commentary via a series of Tweets and an open letter.Black Muslims including malcolm x,black panthers even early dr king had to listen to slaves like you. Just read the news— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) July 30, 2013A mere fortnight later, one canadian goose jacket of the first videos from Simmons’s new “All Def Digital” YouTube channel hits the web:#HarrietTubman #Sextape — props to @destorm @shannamalcolm & @jason_horton for being HILARIOUS http://t.co/mksZyq2iDR— All Def Digital (@AllDefDigital) August 14, 2013Harriet Tubman. Sex canada goose clearance tape. Comedy skit. It’s as if all the words in the world were pooled for a terrible dangerous game of Mad Libs.Let’s step back a day. Following a powerful discussion that took place on Twitter after writer Mikki Kendall canada goose started the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen—a critical response to the marginalization of women of color by White feminists— Canada Goose Outlet I ended up starting a trending topic aimed at intra-racial sexism and men who can talk a good game when it comes to race, but are incapable to see the oppressive and harmful impact of patriarchy on Black women: #blackpowerisforblackmen.Again #blackpowerisforblackmen bc we don't joke about lynching but the sexual canada goose coats terrorism black women faced historically is used for laughs— Kimberly N. Foster (@KimberlyNFoster) August 15, 2013#BlackPowerisforBlackmen because addressing Canada Goose online intraracial misogyny and patriarchy means betraying your race.— clarke (@radicalhearts) August 14, 2013#blackpowerisforblackmen because many people saw getting a Black man on the Supreme Court was bigger than what he may have done to A.Hill— Jamilah Lemieux (@JamilahLemieux) August 14, 2013As a Black woman I am supposed to put my Blackness first & ignore my gender while upholding the Black patriarchy #blackpowerisforblackmen— Bougie Black Girl (@BougieBlackGurl) August 13, 2013#blackpowerisforblackmen I swear u BW sure know how 2 mess things up.U had a great platform wit #solidarityisforwhitewomen then u failed— James Bone (@James2tha) August 15, 2013Unsurprisingly, there were some men who disagreed and felt empowered to say some truly horrid things Canada Goose Coats On Sale in their rebuttals. The worst, perhaps, of all the men who disavowed the existence of the sexism that canada goose black friday sale I can touch, taste and feel daily came from a man who called me a “bed wench”—a reference that harkens back to chattel slavery and the sexual assault of Black women at the hands of White men. A contemporary “bed wench,” as buy canada goose jacket cheap this man suggested, is a Black woman who is literally and/or figuratively "in bed" with "the White man," and thus working proactively to hurt the lives of the Black one. I will not point to the man Canada Goose Jackets who coined this phrase, nor his website, but will only say that his work is wrought with the sort of unabashed loathingof Black women that puts Rush Limbaugh at half-mast—and it's couched between Pan-Africanist/Nationalist teachings and rhetoric.Now let’s go back a few years. Writer cum punditTouré got himself in a bit canada goose store of hot water in what was still the developing stages of Black Twitter, after tweeting (in his own words) "poorly expressed bizzare ideas" about enslaved canada goose coats on sale women bartering sex (“that good good,” he called it) for special privileges and canada goose clearance sale access on the plantation (and then made matters worse by claiming his "cousin" did it… and then he confessed).Russell Simmons, He Who Shall Not Be Named and Touré have consistently described great concern for the conditions of Black people, yet have troubling attitudes about just what sex between enslaved African women and White men (“rape,” if you wanna get technical) would look like. Simmons and HWSNBN took it a step further than simply having an odd curiosity/lack of understanding about what the plantation sexual power struggle looked like. One found the sexuality of a formerly enslaved woman—a famed revolutionary one, at that—to be fodder for a joke, while the other suggested that there was something wrong with women who were forced to have sex with White men, while the other is so absolutely convinced that the truth of plantation sex is really some sort of anti-Black male warfare.Tell me we don’t need a conversation about the intersectional burdens faced by Black women when a 55-year-old political influencer, philanthropist and cultural architect can say that parodying Harriet Tubman (HARRIET TUBMAN) with a sex tape skitis “the funniest thing” he’s ever seen. Explain to me how there isn’t canada goose replica some sort of hurtful disconnect among our ranks when a woman vents about street harassment and is told that she’s Canada Goose Parka colluding with White men to bring her own race down.Simmons’ folks took the video down last night after massive (and predictable) outrage across social media. He issued an apology some time later, saying this in his defense: “My first impression of the Harriet Tubman piece was that it was about what one of actors said in the video: that 162 years later, there’s still tremendous injustice. And with Harriet Tubman outwitting the slave master? I thought it was politically correct.”He thought that a parody of a large Harriet Tubman riding atop a White slave master (I wish I had enough words to get into the subtext here about the sexuality of Black women who don’t look like the "exotic" model types he has a penchant for) was “politically correct.” Why? Because she wasn’t getting hit with closed fists or having her hair ripped out or crying? Also, perhaps Simmons is unclear on what “politically correct” means?Do any of you think that he buy canada goose jacket would havegreen-lit canada goose outlet a parody video that found young Frederick Douglass giggling as he was mounted by a White man—you don’t think that only Black women were subjected to the indignities of slave rape, do you? Canada Goose sale Maybe if we spend a bit more time thinking about the men who were assaulted, some of these brothers might actually have a bit more compassion. Or not. Probably not. My vote is for "not."Much likeRiley Cooper’s “n*gger” outbursta few weeks ago, that “bed wench” comment was not just for the target of that man’s ire. Jamilah isn’t the “bed wench,” Black women by-and-large are “bed wenches” in the eyes of someone who needs but a hair trigger to drop such a slur. And while Simmons may self-identify as someone who is pro-woman and activist-minded—and many times, he is—his inclination to call that video “the funniest thing” he’s ever seen and to fail to recognize how horrifyingly offensive it is to Black women as a whole, and our revolutionary ancestor Harriet Tubman in particular, speaks another story.As word of the Def Digital video made its way across Twitter last night, quite a few people made a point of mentioning the irony or significance of it being released on the heels of #blackpowerisforblackmen.Being "right" during a game of Charades or while watching Jeopardy is fun. Being "right" when fighting to get the men of your own race—and many of the women, too!—to acknowledge existence of Black women’s unique intersectional burdens Canada Goose Online is not. And for many, this episode will easily be waved away with “He took it down and apologized…what else https://www.gestiontb.ca do you want?"In fact, there were some who were so quick to accept their apology, they seemed to question their own right to be angry in the first place. @UncleRUSH was able to RT a few gems of support:I was ready to be all mad black woman-ish on @UncleRUSH for this Harriet Tubman video but an immediate reaction is not always called for— TM (@TMisschelle) August 15, 2013Just as this video does NOT give White racism a pass under the failed "How can they respect us when we don't respect ourselves?" trope some of our cousins try and pull out on these occasions, the failure of some women to understand or recognize this video as blatant sexism and feel justified in having a "mad Black woman" response (for the record, I rolled my neck and punctuated every word I typed with a clap while working on this piece) means one thing for sure: there is so much work left to do. And considering that Black women are the mules of the world, as Zora Neale Hurston famously wrote, the work will tragically continue to fall upon our backs. It's time to follow sister Harriet's lead and be less forgiving of those who refuse to walk the road to freedom, regardless of their gender.Jamilah Lemieux is the News and Lifestyle Editor canada goose deals for EBONY.com.

Williams, executive director of the Capital City Black Film

The 2017 Capital City Black Film Festival Will Honor Louis Gossett Jr.

Acclaimed actor Louis Gossett Jr. will be honored at buy canada goose jacket cheap The Capital City Black Film Festival this year. The Academy Award, Golden Canada Goose Outlet Globe and Emmy winner will receive the Harlem Lights! Living Legend Award at the festival’s fifth annual Opening Night Gala, Canada Goose Parka which Canada Goose Jackets will canada goose coats be Aug. 17 at the canada goose replica Austin Convention Center in Texas.In addition to Canada Goose sale his award, Gosset will be canada goose black friday sale honored with the world premieres of two films he is canada goose clearance sale featured in, Breaking Brooklyn and The Reason. Breaking Brooklyn follows a canada goose clearance 12-year-old boy who loves to https://www.forcanadagoose.ru dance and his brother who are rescued from the streets by an old showman (Gossett). The boys are taken to live with the showman’s canada goose store former dancing partner and brother, (Vondie Curtis-Hall). Breaking Brooklyn will premiere canada goose deals Aug. 18. The Reason, which is based on the canada goose coats on sale novel by William Sirls, tells the story of a small-town pastor (Gossett) whose son has been canadian goose jacket mute for 38 years and a mother whose young son has leukemia. Things change for canada goose these individuals when a mysterious man is sent to give Canada Goose Coats On Sale them hope. The film will premiere Aug. 20.Winston G. Williams, executive director of the Capital City Black Film Festival, said, “We are incredibly excited and humbled that Louis Gossett Jr. will be with us as we celebrate our fifth anniversary. His are cheap Canada Goose the shoulders on which we stand as we present the wealth of filmmaking and acting Canada Goose Online talent that exists in the African-American community. We hold Mr. Gossett Jr. in the highest regard, as do millions around the world, for his character and integrity, his immense talent and the magic he brings to the Canada Goose online canada goose outlet stage and screen.”The Capital City Black Film Festival will be buy canada goose jacket held Aug. 17-20. To purchase passes and tickets, go to www.ccbff.eventbrite.com.

One of the signs, located on U

Last year marked the 60th canada goose replica anniversary of Emmett buy canada goose jacket cheap Till’s brutal murder, and a marker sits at the site where his body was found, tortured to death. But the condition of the marker is almost as angering as the killing.The 14-year-old Chicago native had been visiting relatives in Mississippi when he was killed because someone said he whistled at a white woman in the small town of Money.Till’s body was recovered three days later. He was found with forcanadagoose a cotton gin fan tied around his buy canada goose jacket neck with barbed wire. His left eye and most of his teeth were also missing and his Canada Goose Jackets nose was crushed, along with a bullet hole to his right temple. JET ran the gruesome photos of Till”s body in its Sept. 15, Canada Goose sale 1955 issue.The murderers were set free by an all-white jury and confessed to the crime in a 1956 interview with  Look magazine. “I didn’t intend to kill the n****r when we went and got him – just whip him and chase him back up yonder,” one of the killers, J.W. Milam said when he and cohort Roy Bryant spoke out.What’s just as disturbing as the canada goose coats harsh, brutal and devastating murder of canada goose coats on sale a child at the hands of men full of hate is the Canada Goose Coats On Sale reality that the memorial that marked the place where Till’s body was found now looks like this:A Facebook user took a photo of the site where Emmett Till’s Canada Goose Online body was found. The marker is covered in bullet holes. https://t.co/InIhSywkDWpic.twitter.com/QyVrKKInug— The Trace (@teamtrace) October 18, 2016On the other Canada Goose online hand, the marker for the home of Milam is almost perfectly intact:The signs were installed in 2007 and according to Slate.com, have been vandalized ever since. One of the signs, located on U.S. Highway canadian goose jacket 49 was stolen. Another in Tallahatchie County was damaged a year later. That same year, the original sign placed where Till’s body was discovered was ripped down by vandals, officials say.At the time of incident, Board of Supervisors President Jerome G. Little expressed commitment to preserving the signs.“We’re not going to tolerate them tearing down anything that’s marking Emmett Till’s murder,” Little said. “I want to send a message: Every time they take it down, we’re going to put it back up.”The sign was replaced but in 2013, it was shot canada goose deals up. And it has remained in that canada goose clearance condition ever since.Viewers of the sign say at least 30 bullet holes rest in its structure.As cheap Canada Goose @crulge points out: multiple angles, different guns used. Some fired from road: pic.twitter.com/MAkMs7JjwS— Christopher Hooks (@cd_hooks) December 28, 2013“It shows that there’s still people who do not want to remember or talk about Emmett Till,” Patrick Weems, a project coordinator for the Emmett Till Memorial Commission, told the New York Daily News.To me it shows a little more than that. Hopefully the post-racial society advocates Canada Goose Outlet take note.Weems said the struggling organization can’t afford to routinely replace the signs. Instead it has been forced to launch a virtual tour of sites commemorating Till’s death, canada goose outlet called the Emmett Till Memory Project.Currently, the  Emmett Till Interpretive Center is raising money to fund the project and to replace the bullet-riddled canada goose black friday sale sign.I’m afraid.Afraid to live in a world where the marking for a man who committed Canada Goose Parka one of America’s most brutal and horrific crimes is adorned with flowers and admiration.I’m afraid to live in a world where an innocent, Black boy can be terrorized, brutalized and horrifically murdered, with his mother making the difficult decision to place his canada goose clearance sale body on display for the world to see was necessary for our quest for justice and equality.For those who are convinced that we live in a post-racial society, take a hard look at canada goose the world we are living in. canada goose store Those rose-colored lenses will only allow you to “see” so much.Photo: Christopher Hooks, Twitter.

It was in these that he Canada Goose sale penned early drafts

Was Dylan Thomas a grafter or a drunk

When you think of Dylan Thomas, do you Canada Goose Outlet envisage the poet with a canada goose deals pint in hand? His relationship with the demon drink may be as canada goose well known as his work, taking on canada goose black friday sale a mythic status canada goose outlet store locations since his untimely death in New York in 1953.

It is undeniable that Thomas enjoyed a drink, but the extent of his dependency on alcohol canada goose clearance sale is questioned. Was his work rushed out canada goose store to pay for the hard living, or was the drinking a necessary break from the hard graft of a perfectionist poet?

Dylan Thomas’s works during his canada goose clearance lifetime. canada goose replica This does not include posthumous works and is open to interpretation. For example, some of his films have been lost so are not counted here. Sources: Constantine FitzGibbon, John Ackerman, John Goodby.

Dylan Thomas’s career, though short, was prolific. It was in these that he Canada Goose sale penned early drafts of some of his best loved poems.

His first collection of poetry, 18 Poems, was published in December 1934 when Thomas was the tender age of canada goose outlet toronto factory 20.

In addition to the wealth of written material he would have published in his lifetime, he recorded numerous radio broadcasts readings of both of canada goose coats on sale his own topcanadagoose work and others’. The first of these buy canada goose jacket was on Canada Goose Jackets 21 April 1937, and his steady work as a broadcaster canadian goose jacket began in 1943.

He also visited North America four times in the 1950s. On these reading tours Thomas travelled thousands buy canada goose jacket cheap of miles and gave over 100 poetry readings, lectures and talks across the US and Canada.

It has been suggested that Thomas was one of the people who kick started the audiobook industry, after he made recordings of his works with the New York record label Caedmon. He made his first recordings in February 1952.

It is widely thought that alcohol was responsible for Dylan Thomas’s death. Did his hard drinking, fast living ways catch up with him or were other factors to blame?

When Thomas arrived in New York Canada Goose Coats On Sale in October 1953 on his fourth visit to America, his health was already in a bad condition.

He was guilty of self neglect and canada goose coats overworking himself, and episodes of excessive drinking did not help his poor health.

However, Thomas’s Canada Goose online postmortem is clear enough: it gave the primary cause of death as pneumonia, with pressure on the brain and a fatty liver given as contributing factors.

At the time of his death, false rumours circulated that his death was caused by damage to Canada Goose Online the brain by alcohol. The actions of the doctor treating cheap Canada Goose him, canada goose outlet sale Milton Feltenstein, are also Canada Goose Parka open to criticism. His diagnosis of delirium tremens a condition caused by a sudden withdrawal from alcohol is likely to 2018 canada goose outlet have been inaccurate.

Feltenstein also injected Thomas with a large dose of morphine. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking.