Business serving penalty for NHL lockout

Diego and Dominic Reale, co owners of Pro Am Sportswear on Lasalle Boulevard, say the sales of NHL gear is down due to the league ongoing lockout. Photo by Heidi Ulrichsen.

Standing among brightly coloured NHL jerseys, T shirts, sweaters and hats, Dominic Reale said his store’s bottom line is serving the penalty for the four month old NHL lockout.

Dominic, who owns Pro Am Sportswear with his brother, Diego Reale, said the store’s sales of NHL gear are down about 20 per cent, wholesale jerseys from china although sales of these items have picked up a bit lately because people are looking for Christmas gifts.

The Lasalle Boulevard store, which has been in business since 1988, sells professional sports clothing.

“Our sales definitely reflect hockey,” Dominic said. “That’s the driving force for this whole business . No, it’s not fair, but there’s not much we can do about it. Unfortunately it’s something we have to put up with as a business.”

At the same time, sales of NFL clothing is up, as hockey fans seem to be spending more of their time watching football, Dominic said.

He said he thinks the lockout is “ridiculous,” and is being caused by “greed” on the parts of both the NHL owners and players, who have failed to come to an agreement.

Dominic said he’d be surprised if the NHL season can be saved at this point.

“It’s the third time in 20 years,” he said. “It’s not good for the sport. They’re probably losing a lot of fans.”

Meanwhile, the Reale brothers have to deal with the lockout’s financial fallout.

“We all have to put food on our table and pay our bills,” Diego said. “Our store is based mostly on hockey. With the loss of sales, it’s affecting us big time financially. But it’s not hurting (the players and owners).”

Sturgeon Falls Lumberjacks players Michael Batrikeev and Andrei Romanov, both 17 year old Russian citizens, happened to be in the store during Northern Life’s visit, purchasing NHL gear as Christmas presents for friends.

Andrei said he’s disappointed by the NHL lockout.

“There are a lot of people here who want to see the NHL games.”

At the same time, though, the NHL lockout has had a positive impact on the KHL, the professional hockey league in Russia. Andrei said a lot of NHL players are currently playing with KHL teams, increasing the league’s popularity.

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Fundraisers for iThemba Baraa Primary School

Don’t miss the yearly charity events for the iThemba Baraa Primary School. On Saturday March 22, at the same time as the yearly iThemba Gala Dinner takes place in Belgium, a big Fundraiser will take at our Machweo Fine Dining restaurant.

Thanks to sponsored ingredients, this evening of fine wine from main sponsor UZT, spectacular food, live music, African dance and drums will 100% contribute to the good cause.

Funds will be further raised through an action which includes the greatest accommodation options in Tanzania of our partner operators of Nomad Tanzania at their new Kuro Tarangire camp and Asilia Africa in their flagship Sayari Camp.

Reservations only 0789739354 or

Onsea House and Machweo have been supporting iThemba since the start of the school project. This short documentary movie about Baraa Primary School shows the status where the Baraa Primary School project stands now early 2014.

A journalist from the Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF visited the school during his stay at Machweo and finished a short movie report about the project in German.

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Senator hits nerve in CIB debate

You could argue that those salaries are not germane to the debate. But they certainly put that $35 million into a different light. First, to shed some light on the Tinsley situation. He is due to make $6.75 million this season, $7.2 million next season and $7.65 million for the 2010 11 season. It could be argued that Tinsley’s salary is especially relevant given that the Pacers over three years (unless they manage to trade him) will pay a player that will never don a uniform more than $21 million. That’s enough to operate Conseco Fieldhouse for more than a year.

And unless Michael J. Fox is standing along Capitol Avenue with a Delorean that generates 1.21 gigawatts, it’s useless trying to act like not finding a way to make the arrangements with the Pacers or Colts work is even an option.pandora charms At this point, it’s not if we’re going to raise this revenue. It’s how? You’ve got $900 million in fixed assets sitting on two downtown parcels. Not even Biff Tannen would argue that letting them go dark is a good use of a public investment. We’ve started down this road. It’s time to finish the journey.

But if city and state officials don’t pay attention to the basics of these lease deals, how can they be expected to pay attention to more complex, yet very important facts about how these businesses that they entered work; Things like the player salary cap, collective bargaining agreements that govern players’ contracts and payment structures, and the league’s very revenue generation models. Only by digesting this information will they know the true expenses and possible return of these business ventures for city and state taxpayers.

Schoettle grew up in Indianapolis, graduating from Southport High School and Indiana University. He then departed on a tour of middle Indiana, reporting for papers in Greenwood, Frankfort, Columbus and Franklin before landing at IBJ in 1998. At his previous jobs, he spent a decade as a political/government reporter. Beyond writing, Schoettle passions include animals and wildlife, watching all manner of television and long distance cycling. Though he put away his trumpet many years ago, he remains an avid music fan. Schoettle shares his home in Southport with his wife, Elizabeth, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis and two cats. Preferring to live in a setting, one of his primary goals each spring and summer is to see how seldom he can mow his front lawn.

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Wellness program including Yoga

As a firm believer in pampering both body and soul, Machweo Wellness Retreat & Fine Dining added a YOGA chapter to its Wellness Program. Yoga’s gifts are immense. The practice of yoga gives strength, flexibility and balance of the body, mind and spirit, revealing inner radiance and connecting us to the divinity of the universe.

People can either sign in for an individual/couple session or attend our weekly Yoga mornings on Saturdays. Sessions are open to both guests and non-guests but advance bookings are essential. It is advised to wear comfortable natural fabric clothing.

Yoga of the day
Just let the instructor guide you all the way through.
75 minutes – US$ 75

Pre-kili yoga
Work on with Pranayamas and get ready to exercise with less oxygen!
75 minutes – US$ 75

Post-kili yoga
Integrate the hike, interiorize the effort, and retain the stretch.
75 minutes – US$ 75

Lover’s yoga
Tune differently with your partner.
60 minutes – US$ 100 per couple

Invigorating yoga
For those needing a deep and strong toning-up practice.
75 minutes – US$ 75

Stress releaser
Free yourself from tensions and enter your Kingdom of Peace.
75 minutes – US$ 75

Happy kidneys & liver
Clean your cleaners!
75 minutes – US$ 75

Willing to let your mask fall and surrender to your real you?
75 minutes – US$ 75

Meditation & deep relaxation
Melting a drop of water into the Ocean.
75 minutes – US$ 75


Saturday Morning Sessions

Starting from March 2014, Machweo organises Saturday morning yoga sessions, starting at 10.30. Guests are welcomed with a juice carefully prepared for the specific session they are about to experience and followed by healthy vegan and/or raw food lunch. A powerful boost for body and soul in the peaceful and lush gardens of Onsea House.

Every month will have a different set of sessions. Check the website for updates. Our March agenda is as follows:

1st March: Stress Releaser

  • Apple-Fennel-Cucumber Juice
  • Fresh Spring Roll Salad with a Cashew-Sesame Dressing

8 March: Happy Kidneys & Liver

  • Carrot-Ginger-Cabbage Juice
  • Green Raw Food Super Salad with a Happy Pink Beat Dressing

15 March: Lower Spine and Elimination Series

  • Brocoli-Beetroot-Parsly Juice
  • Brown Rice with Spinach & a Carrot/Tomato Sauce

22th March: The Ego Killer

  • Pineapple-Mango-Passion Juice
  • Raw Food Zucchini Salad with a Cashew-Parsley Dressing
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Boer Wim maakt zijn keuze bij een romantisch diner voor 3

Zondagavond 26 januari 2014 zagen 3.879.000 mensen een aantal boeren hun favoriete vrouw kiezen op de Nederlandse televisie. Boer zoekt Vrouw Internationaal blijft de kijkers boeien.
Ook zondag belandde de datingshow onder leiding van Yvon Jaspers weer bovenaan de Dag Top 25 van de Stichting Kijkonderzoek.

Boer Wim in Tanzania en zijn dames sluiten de dag in Arusha af met een “romantisch diner voor 3” bij Onsea House in Machweo Fine Dining. Een plek “om de accu op te laden, een deel van het leven en leuk om te tonen” aldus Wim.

Maakt Wim zijn finale keuze?

Kijk op uitzending gemist vanaf 45:30 tot 51:49 waar de aankomst in Onsea House en het diner bij zonsondergang in Machweo gedurende 5 minuten in beeld komen.

Bel chef Axel op 0787/112.498 om uw tafel te reserveren tijdens uw passage in Arusha of contacteer geheel vrijblijvend Dirk op voor meer info over een verblijf bij Onsea House of Machweo.

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Baraa Primary School received 25kg donations from guests

The iThemba Baraa Primary School project was delighted to receive twenty five kilograms of donations from Pack for a Purpose through Machweo and Onsea House guests in the past 3 months. The donations ranged from footballs and frisbees, to books, pencils, crayons, pencil sharpeners and art materials.

The generosity of our guests has made everyone at Baraa very happy. The sports coach is enjoying using the new footballs as they always have a huge number being repaired – the joys of playing football on stony ground. The art classes are really doing great work, the students have been making beautiful postcards – which were sold to help raise money for the school vegetable garden. The classrooms look much brighter with maps and other posters hanging on the walls.

Baraa is also excited to receive all the really invaluable pens, pencils and other stationery items; with 1400 students they go through a lot of pencils and other everyday items. Also the art supplies and educational games will be put to good use by the volunteers in the extracurricular classes which are now part of the daily routine.

A big ‘Thank You’ from a grateful Baraa Primary School!

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Belgian Kingsday Celebration raises money for iThemba

On November 15th the Belgian community in Arusha celebrated  Kingsday together at Onsea House. The Machweo Fine Dining restaurant has been serving Belgian specials ranging from tomatoes filled with north sea shrimps, Belgian beef stew with fries and Duvel beer to Belgian endives with ham and cheese au gratin. Thanks to the generous contributions of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen we were able to raise 1000 US$ for the Vegetable Garden Project. This brand new project is an important part of the nutrition program iThemba has started at the Baraa Primary School in our village. Because we firmly believe that quality of life is an integral part of quality of education. A very warm thank you to all contributors.

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On the Biggest Baddest Bucketlist in Tanzania

We recently had a visit from the Vagabrothers,  the winners of MyDestination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List. Alex & Marko are currently traveling around the globe checking off their travel bucket list and connecting with young people world-wide. During their weeklong stay in Tanzania, they carried out Nomad Tanzania‘s itinerary of exploring Arusha, safari trekking in Serengeti National Park, and having a cultural experience with the Maasai tribe. Onsea House and Machweo Wellness Retreat, as one of the local sponsors of their Tanzanian journey, was also on their agenda and the brothers described their stay with us as ‘the perfect end to a week that will be truly hard to beat’ . Watch the movie on My

Experience it yourself by including a stay at Onsea House and Machweo Wellness Retreat in your itinerary of your Tanzanian safari and/or Kilimanjaro climb.

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