The Hadzabe bushmen, sons of the Stone Age, on safari in Tanzania

Britain’s No.1 quality newspaper, Telegraph, reports from Northern Tanzania today on the Hadzabe bushmen – thought to be the origin of our species – who are still living the life depicted by their ancestors in rock paintings 5,000 years ago: hunting, making fire, barbecuing bushbabies.

According to the Genographic Project, a global investigation into the origins and dispersal of human DNA, these Hadzabe bushmen of northern Tanzania have perhaps the oldest genetic lineage of any people on earth, and are directly descended from the first modern humans – the first group of homo sapiens to have all our mental capabilities.

The rest of humanity branched off into different genetic lines as people migrated away from east Africa and adapted to new environments, but the Hadzabe have come straight down the original line with hardly any mutations in their DNA. They also speak the oldest form of human language, a click language similar to that of the Kalahari Bushmen, and they are one of the last surviving tribes who still hunt and gather their food.

Read more about it in the entire article in the Telegraph and contact your preferred Tour Operator or Onsea House in Arusha directly if you want this special experience in the Lake Eyasi area included in your safari in Tanzania.

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