Serengeti half Marathon in the footsteps of the Kilimanjaro Marathon

The 6th Kilimanjaro Marathon will take place on Sunday 2 March 2008. 1 month before that date, on February 3rd 2008, the first international Serengeti half Marathon will take place.

Already for a long time the North of the Serengeti and Loliondo has been facing problems in the provision of healthcare. Diseases related to HIV-Aids, malnutrition, tuberculosis and malaria are increasingly becoming a burden to the healthcare that the local hospitals can provide, and there is an urgent need to do something about it.
Organising The international Serengeti half Marathon is one of the steps that will be taken, in order to do something about the present situation.
Next to empowering the healthfacilities, the half marathon also stimulates our people and children in creating better health for everyone.

With the marathon, the aim is to raise money for Digodigo dispensary in order to upgrade it to become a health center.
Digodigo dispensary is situated in the Sonjo valley, about 56 km away from Loliondo and 350 km from Arusha. Its inhabitants (about 20.000 in total) are mainly pastoralists and agriculturalists, called the Watemi, the neighbours of the Maasai, in the Northern part of the Ngorongoro district. The catholic priest and physician, the late Dr. Herbert Watschinger founded the dispensary in 1974. For a long time it received funds from the Austrian government, in cooperation with the Catholic Arch Diocese of Arusha.

The enthousiastic organization team, consisting of Dutch MD’s Lennard Hiltermann and Christian Van Rij together with a group of Tanzanians from the area of Wasso and Loliondo, expect international and national runners and the aim is to host 350 runners.Participants staying at Onsea House before and/or after the Serengeti Marathon will contribute extra to the fundraising.

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