Can geese be used to feed the hungry

Can geese be used to feed the hungry?

This letter references the Sept. 21 article regarding the hopes that the hunting season will cut the Canada goose population to 85,000 from the current 200,000. I ask: What are the plans for all of these geese once they are killed? Will any of these birds be prepared for consumption by humans or animals?

I know many shelters and kitchens in many areas of New York State probably could use a good portion of these animals if this was allowed. Many of the birds probably are not suitable,canada goose jacket but I would guess that there would be a great number that could be consumed. Perhaps we could find a use for the goose feathers, too. Does the State Department of Environmental Conservation have any guidelines set for such practices of saving a portion of the birds for meals or other products?

When the deer populations are thinned out, many of these beautiful animals are used for the kitchens and whatnot. Why not the Canada geese as well? Yes, they are messy and a nuisance, but we took their land from them as we have taken the land from the deer. I only hope the DEC considers doing such a good deed as providing meals and other products for animal shelters and homeless/low income kitchens. I am just a caring and concerned resident interested in the process of reuse, replace and recycle.

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