#1 in Popularity and Guest Satisfaction in Arusha

According to Wego, the Onsea House Country Inn & Guest Cottage is the # 1 hotel in both Popularity and Guest Satisfaction in Arusha.

What is Wego? In 3 words, Wego is a travel search engine. Think of Wego as a price comparison website that helps you find the perfect flight, hotel, or travel package for your specific needs. Instead of having to trawl through many different travel sites, Wego provides the information you need to find your perfect travel purchase, be it airline tickets to Phuket, a hotel room for 2 in Bangkok, or activities you can experience while in Tokyo, all on a single site: Wego.com.
Some of you may be familiar with the term travel meta-search engine, which better describes what Wego is.

It is with great pleasure that we see Onsea House confirmed as # 1, based on proprietary algorithm that includes guest satisfaction, user behaviour, property characteristics, seasonality and relative popularity across the web.

Contact info@onseahouse.com for any further information and/or bookings.


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