I am moving

Be sure to properly advertise your taxi company. Research all your available means of advertisements, including newspaper ads, posters, and internet advertising. Give out your business card to every new individual you meet. For example, a Chinese embassy inside the US for all legal purposes, would be Chinese soil. The same applies with SA.He wasn “working for” an American company, he was a 1099 contractor, which is also a bit different.What news outlets are you getting your “Facts” from, because none of them are true?makermorgan 5,906 points submitted 2 days agoI worked at a call center and when ever someone called customer retention to cancel their service you would lose a point if you could not talk them out of it. The people with the least points lost got more hours.So when ever people called with a legit excuse like “I am moving” the phone agents would hassle the caller to try and make them stay or give them the run around so they would get frustrated and just give up.Once I was on the phone with a lady and she wanted to cancel her service, I asked her why and she said “it was for my mother and she has died”, I gave her absolutely no pressure to stay, or change her mind, (she sounded like she was having a hard enough time as it is).After the call ended I got a message from a supervisor that had been listening to my call (they randomly listen to our calls from time to time) and he wanted to know why I did not try and get her to stay with them, I said “the service was not for her it was for her mother and she died”.His response was the most heartless thing I have ever herd”you should have made her send us proof of death, that can take over a moth to do, and thats another bill for us, or try to convince her to keep the service I memory of her mother, its all about delaying the customer until after their next bill”.

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