“Beautiful and lush property”

Fodor’s Africa & Middle East Forum continues to get positive threads posted on Onsea House. A recent guest posted his Trip report Tanzania March 08 in which he describes in detail his experiences. Nice inspiration for our website content which urgently needs to be updated: “I awoke early the next morning and opened the blinds. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and lush the property was. We had our own balcony overlooking gardens filled with orange, banana and pomegranite trees together with numerous different types of flowering plants. There was a swimming pool in the middle of this paradise.”

Also Tour Operator Green Footprint Adventures, who uses Onsea House as a base for their guests in Arusha, gets as usual a fantastic review. The company of Mary Rynberg and veteran safari guide Jean Du Plessis is just finishing up 5 new episodes for Ultimate Africa, which will soon return on Animal Planet and Disvocery HD for Season 2. Featuring Serengeti and Selous Game Reserve and other interesting destinations in Africa, all in high definition.

Contact info@onseahouse.com for further information on Green Footprint Adventures and/or a stay at Onsea House.

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