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Fundraisers for iThemba Baraa Primary School

Don’t miss the yearly charity events for the iThemba Baraa Primary School. On Saturday March 22, at the same time as the yearly iThemba Gala Dinner takes place in Belgium, a big Fundraiser will take at our Machweo Fine Dining restaurant.

Thanks to sponsored ingredients, this evening of fine wine from main sponsor UZT, spectacular food, live music, African dance and drums will 100% contribute to the good cause.

Funds will be further raised through an action which includes the greatest accommodation options in Tanzania of our partner operators of Nomad Tanzania at their new Kuro Tarangire camp and Asilia Africa in their flagship Sayari Camp.

Reservations only 0789739354 or

Onsea House and Machweo have been supporting iThemba since the start of the school project. This short documentary movie about Baraa Primary School shows the status where the Baraa Primary School project stands now early 2014.

A journalist from the Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF visited the school during his stay at Machweo and finished a short movie report about the project in German.

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The Greatest Town in America

If you watched last Thursday’s episode of “Parks and Recreation,” you saw the release of Leslie Knope’s canada goose coats complete guide to Pawnee called “Pawnee: The Greatest Town Canada Goose Parka in America.”

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Nine days after Weir appointment

Promotion to general officer soon followed in October 1915 when he became GOC 84th Brigade, 28th Division. Nine days after Weir appointment, 28th Division was notified of its imminent transfer to Salonika. Weir commanded 84th Brigade there until March 1918.

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In 2006, Snchez announced his retirement,[5] and Carlos

The Charter for the company was drawn up by Blunt, based on that of the Bank of England. Blunt was paid 3,846 for his services in setting up the company. Directors would be elected every three years while shareholders would meet twice a year.

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