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Tips to Speed Up Apple

Like a gas tanker sliding down an icy highway into rush hour traffic, opening up iTunes can sometimes be a slow motion disaster for your computer.

It typically begins innocently enough. Perhaps you opened an audio file on your desktop, plugged your iPhone in for a quick charge, or clicked on an App Store link on the Internet. Some 10 minutes later after your dock is done bouncing, your Genius playlists are all updated, and your album art all synced.

If iTunes launches whenever you plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer for a simple battery boost, the software is configured for automatic syncing. To turn this off, click on in the menu bar, then This opens up the program preference Click on and check the box next to iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. Setting your iPhone or iPad up with iCloud Backup is a great workaround for this.

If you a dedicated Mac user, there one Safari quirk so annoying it may drive you to switch browsers. If you come across a link to an App Store download while using Safari, the browser automatically launches iTunes so you can download it.

The problem is, people haven used iTunes to download apps since 2007, so it a massive waste of time. Disable this legacy quirk with NoMoreiTunes, a Safari browser extension that throws the brakes on this crazy train before it leaves the station.

Apple keeps a record of all your purchased songs, movies and apps, so there really no reason to keep it all on your computer. They clog up your storage, slow down your download speeds, and make iTunes stall as you frantically try to quit it. Instead, just download your media when you want it.

In iTunes preference panel, click on the icon at the top of the page. Then uncheck the boxes for the files you don use on your computer like Apps, which only run on iOS devices anyway. If you haven joined the streaming revolution and still listen to your own music files, keep that box checked. But even movies and television shows are better off in the cloud than on your hard drive. If you do want to store your video locally, don select the high quality SD videos button, unless you have a really old iPod that you use to watch the files with.

Likewise, deselect download album artwork and details about your library with Apple. These are two functions that start hogging your computer resources as soon as iTunes opens.

Another vestige of the time before streaming, Apple Genius feature was the company answer to Pandora. It analyzed the music files you owned and stored in iTunes and made playlists based on genres and musical characteristics. It also hogs your Mac memory and works up your processor for no very good reason. You can disable Genius by clicking on from the menu and selecting Genius Off. If that the case, you stuck with Genius on, because you either an Apple Music subscriber, iTunes Match user, or both. And even though you don use Genius, Apple won let you turn it off. More proof that iTunes is in dire need of an update.

Tanzania attracting international and regional airlines

Targeting the fast-growing tourism and rising business opportunities in Tanzania, international airlines are looking at best options to fly to Dar es Salaam  (Julius Nyerere – DAR), Tanzania’s commercial capital, and Arusha (Kilimanjaro Airport – JRO), East Africa’s tourist capital.

The coming of Air Seychelles, the official air carrier of the Indian Ocean tourist island of the Seychelles, to Tanzania today, is a testimony of the global airlines program targeting Tanzania’s airspace.

Tourism is a leading business which has been a magnet to pull global and reputed airlines to fly to Tanzania, aviation analysts say.

Air Seychelles, which is launching its twice a week flights to Tanzania today, has targeted tourists and leisure travelers in Tanzania and East Africa, looking at the Spice Island of Zanzibar as a key source of international-class tourists and leisure travelers between East Africa and the Seychelles.

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates has expanded its African route network, and will launch its daily service to Dar es Salaam from Abu Dhabi next year. Vice President of the Airline, Moris Pholeli, said Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and his airline has decided to enter into the market by starting operating with an Airbus A320 aircraft, with 16 Business Class and 120 Economy class seats on its Abu Dhabi and Dar es Salaam route.

Emirates Airlines has launched five times weekly flights between Dar es Salaam and Dubai to complement the airline’s daily operations. Launched in October this year, the five flights available brought the total to 12 flights a week on the Dar es Salaam and Dubai routes, an indication of the growing business between Tanzania and other countries, mostly the Middle East and Far East.

Qatar Airways operates daily flights between Dar es Salaam and Doha in Qatar, making it stand among leading global airlines with great lust to Tanzanian airspace. Qatar Airways links Tanzania and other parts of the world.

South African Airways has increased its flights between Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam twice, making it to operate two daily flights between the two cities. This brings to 14 flights per week under South African Airways (SAA) in its Tanzania’s airspace.

From Dar Es Salaam there are frequent connections through several reliable local operators to Kilimanjaro (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK).

Global airlines operating in Tanzania with direct flights to Kilimanjaro include KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways and Rwandair.

Women leadership development

Our female Heads of Departments and Management Staff were recently trained in leadership skills. The reason we did this is because we believe that leadership roles should be filled by those most capable of getting the job done but also realize the cultural challenges women face every day in a male dominated environment.

The training focused on (1) facing problems and solving them, (2) The power of transparent communication and clear instructions, (3) dealing with difficult people, (4) the importance of giving feedback, (5) courage, and (6) training others.

The ladies enjoyed the training in collaboration with Jobortunity and are very motivated to put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Welcome to our Harrisburg Senators mailbag

Curious about something regarding the Senators, minor league baseball (or MLB) in general, the Eastern League, any of the players, coaches or front office personnel, the ballpark, or anything else related to the great game?

Hit us up.

Note: We have a handful of questions “in the bag” right now. cheap jerseys So if you haven’t seen them answered yet, we will get to the soon.

Nationals assistant general manager Doug Harris and Senators president Kevin Kulp helped with this batch.

Q: Why do the Nationals have a “no beard” policy in the minor leagues, but Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche look like they stepped off the set of Duck Dynasty?

A: Harris explains that there are two sets of guidelines within the organization. From the rookie leagues up through Double A, players are expected to be [at least relatively] clean shaven. There’s more liberty in Triple A, as those players are more likely to go back and forth to the big leagues. Obviously the big league players do what they do. “Actually our players police each other,” Harris said.

Q: We all know that the minor leagues are working to develop players. But are the Washington Nationals concerned that the Senators are off to such a slow start?

A: “Concern for me kind of means worry,” Harris said. “Our mindset at this point is we want all of our players to be successful. Our goal is for all of our players to continue to develop and be successful, and a byproduct is a successful team. At this point the goals are to fix the issues at hand.”

With several Senators hitters breaking out of recent slumps and the starting pitchers working more effectively and deeper into games, the team could be ready to rebound from its sluggish spring. And sometimes, like Saturday with the camouflage jerseys, the uniforms are dictated far in advance.

But, Harris says, “by and large it’s decided by [that day's] starting pitcher. And without speaking for all the pitchers, I’m sure there are some superstitions that come with this. A club on a winning streak of some sort may want to stay with a certain uniform combination.”

Q: We all know that many baseballs are used during each game. How many are prepared for each game? Who orders the baseballs? Any stats on how many the Harrisburg Senators order per season?

A: “We do go through some baseballs,” Kulp said. “Many are hit out of play and become souvenirs. Many others are deemed unplayable by the umpire, and the balls are retired to a long life serving as a batting practice ball.

“The umpires prepare about 6 8 dozen balls before each game. They rub a special mud into them to give them a better feel and grip.

“The amount of balls we go through each game varies mostly on weather. If it’s wet outside, the umpire tends to throw out a lot of balls. It also varies a bit on the umpire and what he deems is an insufficient ball based on scuff marks, etc.

TVs that offer the most bang for your buck

From sports to streaming movies, today’s best and most innovative televisions bring the theater experience into the living room. They generate stunning colors, contrast, clarity, resolution and audio, and they’re complemented by an impressive menu of features. They’re also prohibitively expensive for many buyers.

It is, however, possible to pick up an excellent, feature rich television below the absolute top of the line, but that still delivers high quality picture and sound without skimping on features. The methodology is incredibly thorough.

Each TV on the list was released between 2014 and 2016. Each entry has a Smart Rating of at least 70. Smart Rating is a weighted average combining expert reviews, features and connectivity, pandora jewelry and sound quality considerations. Finally, each has a diagonal screen size of at least 32 inches.

From there, the team computed two metrics: price per inch (price divided by screen size) and price per vertical pixel (price divided by vertical height). The TVs that met the above criteria were then sorted by price per inch in ascending order, as well as by price per vertical pixel, also in ascending order. Next, they took the average ranking of these two categories to create an average ranking column, which determined the order of the list.

Note: Duplicates on the list were removed to avoid having too many similar TVs. They achieved this by simply removing a TV if it was part of the same series as a TV that ranked above it.

Will Orlando Drive Us From Our Corners

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The Latest: Arkansas officer who was shot in neck has diedHACKETT, Ark. (AP) The Latest on the shooting of two law enforcement officers in western Arkansas (all times local):

Colorado family says son died fighting for Kurdish militiaCASTLE ROCK, Colo. (AP) The parents of a Colorado man reported killed while fighting against the Islamic State group says their son joined Kurdish forces because he admired them and they became his “comrades in arms.”

Utah police shooting victim in court on robbery chargesSALT LAKE CITY (AP) A teenage Somali refugee who was critically wounded by police during a fight outside a homeless shelter earlier this year arrived to his first court appearance Wednesday on robbery and drug charges in a wheelchair.

The Latest: Ex aides testify against Pennsylvania officialNORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) The Latest on Pennsylvania Attorney General (all times local):

The Latest: Ex New England mob boss to be held without bailBOSTON (AP) The Latest on the arrest of former New England mob boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme (all times local):

Bill Clinton’s Most Important SpeechIt was hard to imagine that Bill Clinton could make as powerful a speech on behalf of his wife as he did on behalf of Barack Obama four years ago.

Confronting Both Nostalgia and AmnesiaThe haunting U2 lyric, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” captures what many Americans seem to feel about politics in 2016. And a lot of us are looking backward.

Lessons From Britain’s Unnecessary CrisisElites are in trouble. High levels of immigration are destabilizing our democracies. Politicians who put their short term political interests over their countries’ needs reap the whirlwind for themselves but, more importantly, for their nations.

Fayetteville Flyers wheelchair basketball team provide full

They’re undefeated in conference play this season with an overall record of 21 4. The remaining four games will be played at home this month, including two games on Saturday. The conference tournament starts in March and features teams from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

On Feb. 2, the Flyers played a doubleheader against the visiting Triad Trackers from Winston Salem inside the gymnasium at Massey Hill Classical High School. The gym on Southern Avenue looks like an old tobacco warehouse with interior brick walls and large, square paneled windows. About a dozen fans sat in bleachers on one side.

Players hollered instructions from the floor and encouragement from the sidelines.

The Flyers team has 10 players, each with his own story about how he ended up in a wheelchair.

Tee Foster, one of the Flyers’ top scorers, was run over by a Humvee in 1992 while in the field for the Army.wholesale jerseys He broke his spinal cord and vertebrae. He has been playing wheelchair basketball for 18 years.

“It keeps me fit,” the 43 year old said. “I always tell people it’s like bumper cars.”

Foster’s hands were smudged on this Saturday by the frequent contact with the rubber wheels, which have large spokes like a bicycle. The chairs used in the game each have a tiny third wheel in the back to help maintain balance.

Foster is 6 foot 1 and is married with four children. He shaves his head and trims his graying mustache. He has some use of his legs and can drive himself and walk around the house with crutches.

But on the court, he sometimes sees players with a worse physical disability than his.

“It helps me be even more grateful,” Foster said.

Another Flyers player, Randy Holland, lost the use of his legs after a car accident in Alabama in 1987.

“I ran over some black ice,” said Holland, who is 48 and lives in Goldsboro.

Holland said wheelchair basketball can inspire others to view those with handicaps in a positive light.

“I don’t look at it as a disability,” he said. “I look at it as an ability.”

Cortez Graham, who is 31, was shot in Raleigh in 2007 during a robbery. Someone stole his necklace and then shot him in the back. He was in the hospital for two months, and his spine was damaged.

“My legs burn like crazy all the time,” Graham, who lumbered his 6 foot 4 frame into a sport wheelchair for a practice in late January.

Graham said he played basketball briefly for Shaw University in Raleigh before the shooting.

“It’s different from the way I used to play,” he said, shooting free throws while seated in the chair 15 feet from the basket.

Someone suggested he try wheelchair basketball, so he joined the Flyers this season.

“When I started playing, I actually liked it,” he said.

Before the tipoff Saturday, they smiled and shook hands, and a referee used a tape measure to make sure none of the wheelchairs were taller than 21 inches.

The Flyers follow college basketball rules, though the rules are somewhat adapted. Players are ranked by skill level and disability, and there are limits on how many highly skilled players can be on the floor at once. Leaping out of the chair is a technical foul. When a player in an aggressive move topples over onto the floor, a referee sounds the whistle.

Moving with the basketball is different, too. Players can coast in their chairs while holding onto the ball. But after pushing on their wheels more than twice, they must dribble before they push again. Otherwise they are guilty of traveling.

In the first game, the Triad Trackers scored first. The Flyers, wearing black and orange jerseys, raced toward their basket.

Altherr facing long road back

TAMPA, Fla. Once a surgeon repaired the torn extensor carpi ulnaris retinaculum in Mark Teixeira’s right wrist, the Yankees first baseman was optimistic. Doctors told Teixeira he would rest for four or five months and be 100 percent healed at six months the same timetable offered for Phillies outfielder Aaron Altherr, who underwent the surgery last week.

The 35 year old slugger recalled the times after his July 1, 2013, surgery as some of the worst, a warning of what possibly lies ahead for Altherr, a young player the Phillies planned to learn more about in 2016.

The Phillies are hopeful that Altherr can return sometime this season.wholesale nfl jerseys Teixeira made it back for the entire 2014 season, which was one of the worst of his career. He blamed the wrist.

“It bothered me probably for 18 months,” Teixeira said. “At 18 months, I didn’t feel it anymore. Now, you can play maybe at six months, but the kind of hitter I am, I really need my wrists. It’s just the way it is. Yeah, you can swing and you can play, but it bothered me for a while.”

The surgery for a torn wrist tendon sheath is not common in baseball. No injury is the same; hitters have different swings and different recovery capabilities. Altherr’s experience is not guaranteed to mirror Teixeira’s. Altherr, of course, is eight years younger than Teixeira was when he underwent the surgery.

But Teixeira said he consulted Jose Bautista and David Ortiz, both of whom suffered an injury to the tendon sheath at various degrees of severity. Bautista had surgery; Ortiz did not.

“I talked to them,” Teixeira said. “They all told me the same thing: ‘Yeah, you could play after six months. But it’s going to take a while before you really feel good.’ ”

Hitters will say their power stroke is one of the last things to return after an injury to the wrist. Teixeira, who owned a career .527 slugging percentage before the injury, slogged to a .398 clip in 2014. He bounced back in 2015 with a .548 slugging percentage.

He tried to play through the pain during the early portion of the 2013 season but finally conceded that overuse contributed to it. Teixeira said he altered his swing in 2014 to compensate for the hurt wrist.

“So I didn’t have the power, and my swing went down the tubes,” Teixeira said. “That was a tough thing.”

He needed three cortisone injections during the 2014 season to quell the inflammation in his wrist. The injury, Teixeira said, hindered him beyond just swinging a bat.

“That was the other thing that was tough. Half of the time when you’re working out, you’re grabbing something,” Teixeira said. “You are holding onto weights. You’re grabbing onto a bar. And I couldn’t do that for six months, either. So I wasn’t able to work out as hard as I would have liked. I wasn’t as strong. You add that into having a sore wrist and it’s a tough situation.”

Teixeira said he had no prior wrist problems. He likened his injury to a pitcher’s elbow blowing out after overuse.

Altherr, who had less serious surgery on his right wrist in 2013, requested a second opinion last week on his left wrist from Keith Raskin, the New York hand surgeon who operated on Teixeira. Surgery was decided as the best course for Altherr, who impressed with a .489 slugging percentage and 20 extra base hits in 39 games last season. He has not returned to Phillies camp.