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So focus on the present, take little steps sort of speak, one

They will wonder how much it will cost them to participate in your opportunity. You will put their minds at ease that nothing unreasonable is Replica Hermes Handbags Replica Hermes Replica Hermes Handbags expected of them money wise. You’ll need to show them how they will receive support and training, reassuring them that they will not be left on their own to figure out what to do, that they will be well trained and fully supported..

Hermes Belt Replica I told the vet about Replica Hermes Birkin Hermes Replica Birkin the dry food switch I had done within the last 30 days. I asked him if this could cause the ruptured anal gland? He told me “Yes it sure could have. He explained that the new dry cat food had much less water content (concentrated). Hermes Belt Replica

Hermes Replica Handbags Everything drags and your world seems immensely heavy. So focus on the present, take little steps sort of speak, one day at a time or perhaps a few hours at a time. Find something or someone that keeps you motivated even if it seems silly or crazy. The indoor cameras are peer to peer (P2P) ready so there is no need to open ports on your wireless router’s firewall for the cameras to be accessible through the internet. The only downfall of the wireless P2P camera is that it is continuously polling the internet through the gateway. Because I have three of them running all the time, they have slowed down my network somewhat. Hermes Replica Handbags

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Replica Hermes Birkin Sometimes, you don’t have to know who to vote for to vote. If you are into gospel music, search for some of thenames that you’re not familiar with and listen to their sound and how their music makes you feel inside. Then, you can make a good decision on who you think should win.. Replica Hermes Birkin

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Hermes Handbags Replica According to the points table, each winning team will get 2 points while the losing team will not get any points. In case of a tie game, both teams will get 1 point each. Due to this reason, all teams will do everything possible to win as many games as possible in order to get top 2 or at least 4 positions after the group stage. Hermes Handbags Replica

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So to me, the incentive to use my xlm for a minor discount is

7 home entertainment tech trends for 2014

When I hike alone, I bring everything I would need to survive through the night and next day. Things like my emergency bivy, pocket rocket stove and fuel, matches, extra food and water, an extra base layer and extra socks. Not to mention bear spray, etc.

It is a secured, lighted, parking lot where drivers wait for short periods of time for arriving air passengers to call and let their rides know they have arrived. The waiting area is equipped with a sign with a QR. (Quick Response) code that allows customers to use their smart phones to scan the code and be connected directly to Bradley latest flight arrival information..

“One tip solves iphone 7 case a crime, solves someone’s heartache,”she said. “Help them bring a crime to closure. It doesn’t eliminate the void in our lives, but just one tip will bring someone else’s crime to closure, as is happening with my brother, Ray. Banter about fair food and fried candy bars peppered the space between songs about Jesus and two timing; Underwood informed the crowd that they had managed to catch her at her goofiest as she laughed and tried to iPhone x case keep warm in the slight iphone 7 case August chill.”It’s cold and the best way to beat the cold is to dance,” she said. “The only problem is that I’m iPhone x case not very good at it. But I’ll do it anyway.” The Flint Journal First EditionBy Doug PullenDETROIT “We love playing here,” Kenny Chesney said near the end of his revved up Ford Field show Saturday night.

Is it exchanged for fiat? I assume it must be to cover expenses etc. Is that something that done daily/weekly/monthly? I assume that it depends on the business, but it iphone 6 plus case seems to me that xlm will probably gain more than 3% by EOY. So to me, the incentive to use my xlm for a minor discount is pretty low when that same money is likely to be worth more than the discount by the end of the month, possibly day.

The most recent project to provoke concern is a proposal to tear down a two family home at 24 St. Lawrence St. And replace it with a four story, five unit condominium building. The programme gives you an understanding of the legal, business and social environments in which accountancy operates and enables you to be conversant in the technical languages and practices of the accounting sector in a market economy. The level of these exemptions will depend on the modules taken during the programme and the marks attained. Find out more: iphone 7 plus case credit towards professional accountancy qualifications..

With TouchID gone and an edge to edge screen, Apple had to bring some exclusive UI changes to the iPhone X. For example, you need to swipe up (dragging a grey bar at the bottom of the screen) to go back to the home screen. To access the Control Center, you need to swipe down from the right top corner.

As iphone 6 plus case discussed below, there were situational awareness problems among the on scene commanders. This was even worse for the 911 dispatchers iPhone Cases sale, who continued, throughout the disaster, to receive calls from individuals in the buildings, asking for instructions. Very little information flowed from commanders to 911 dispatch.

The Don Chapin Co. Of Salinas was awarded the contract. Tuesday at Salinas Recreation Center, 320 Lincoln Ave., Salinas. It sits in group 12, with the petrol engined model in group 13. The 134bhp diesel is most expensive, falling into group 16.DepreciationDepreciation is definitely an issue here, with the Carens predicted to retain as little as 31.7 per cent of its original value over three years and 30,000 miles. This is a pretty painful result, especially for buyers who are looking at a supposedly ‘budget’ option..

Thankfully, the Countryman still has plenty of MINI DNA left in the driving experience.This fun is evident when you get the Countryman on a twisty road. The steering is quick and there’s lots of grip on offer. Even though it has a longer wheelbase and a higher kerbweight than rivals like the Audi Q2 or Volvo V40 Cross Country, the car feels more nimble and sharper to drive.The steering is quick, especially just off centre, so the MINI iphone 8 plus case darts into turns with a keenness that might take you by surprise at first.

They thought of nothing else. Orphans and ancient widows might be seen hanging about the prison from break of day. Their officials bribed the gaolers to let them sleep inside with him. From the main Track page scroll to the Exercise Diary and tap “Add Exercise” to track a new workout. Select the “My Exercise” tab at the top of the page to access or create a custom workout. Tap the “Enter Calories Burned” button to create a custom exercise when you are unable to find the activity in our database, or for easier future tracking of a combination or custom workout you perform often.

Today’s judgment shows just how critical it is that I push ahead with my election pledge to launch an independent commission into Cleveland Police. We need a police force that does justice to the hugely important work of our frontline officers the men and women who work night iphone 6 plus case and day to keep communities safe. They need to be properly iPhone x case supported by an organisation which enjoys full public confidence.

He may have not had any sympathy for the girl

During Wednesday’s Marlins Brewers game, Milwaukee’s Norichika Aoki tossed a ball toward a little girl and a little boy in the stands. As the ball was in flight, a grown man stepped in front of the children and stole the ball.The man then proceeds to run off with the ball smiling, completely ignoring the little girl next to him who is sticking out her lower lip and appearing as though she’s about to cry.He may have not had any sympathy for the girl, but the rest of America did.”The little girl gets boxed out,” said the television announcer in the video above. “And look at that face, awwwwww.”But the story has a happy ending.In between innings, the girl, a fourth grader namedEmily Martin, tried to get another ball, this time with a dance.

Cheap Jerseys from china The document betrays one remarkable informality. It mentions the death of Monsieur De Beaulieu; but is absolutely kate spade store los angeles silent on the subject of the alleged poisoning of seven persons christian louboutin beverly hills at dinner the next day. And yet it was this latter gucci factory outlet online store circumstance only which first directed suspicion against Marie, and which induced barbour jackets for ladies Friley to lodge the information against her on which the Procurator price of louis vuitton was now acting. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys free shipping QB: Fox juggled with Clausen (1,558 yards, 3 TD, 9 INT), Matt Moore and Brian St. Pierre a season ago, but now the most successful head coach in team history is gone and Clausen is still fighting for a starting spot with Newton. Clausen showed some flashes of brilliance in 2010 and is still learning the ropes today. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

cheap nfl jerseys Lawrence acquired Do Ya by pure chance. She was one of several owned by the late Lenny Adin Cheap Jerseys from china, a Palmerston North owner breeder who raced a number of horses from the stable of Kevin Gray.”When Lenny died his estate wanted to get rid of all of his horses. I got a phone call from Carolyn Jolley, who is an equestrian competitor, and she said: “Do Ya know anyone that wants horses.”. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys We stopped becuase it was so hot we could not stay hydrated. I do have to say it was a nice trail though and I would like to hike the rest some time. We hiked just over half. The original 1966 uniform included a red helmet, but the Falcons will stay with their black helmets. The helmets will feature the original Falcons logo used from 1966 to 2003.The Falcons will wear white pants, though Ryan said receiver Mohamed Sanu pushed for black pants to match the jerseys. Wore that my rookie year, Ryan said. wholesale jerseys

wholesale jerseys Muhammad scored 19 points in each of the final two preseason games. Bryant averaged 13.0 points and shot 44.7 percent in very limited preseason action cut short by a lower leg contusion. Russell struggled with his shot (38.6 percent). The base price for all of India’s international matches has been fixed at Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) per game. When Sahara had extended their decade long association as the team sponsor for 42 months in July 2010 at Rs 3.34 crore (Rs 33.4 million) per match, the base price had been Rs 2.5 crore (Rs 25 million). Despite the winning bid fetching the BCCI approximately 34% more than the base price last time, the board has lowered the base price considerably for the next four years.. wholesale jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys from china Then two days later, he didn get off the bench because of the coach decision. Brown said to force feed three bigs in a game is unfair. Brown felt it created a ripple effect on other players on the team. The cash back after a real estate sale was enough to move to a larger dwelling with whatever amenities were missing from the last one. Times have changed. It is a wise consumer who decides to transform what they already have. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china And to make matters worse there are no common tools which allow to keep the dome spherical. This is where the rounded bricks come in if you have access to them they will make the job easier.Please disregard the arch for now, we will concentrate on this in next step.When you build the dome go clockwise. Don’t jump from one spot to another skipping a brick in between! This is the best way to ensure a uniform dome.. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap jerseys England forced to wear red away kit against Scotland. John Motson’s ultimate combined England and Scotland. Auckland Blues 22 16 British and Irish Lions: Ihaia West. In an odd way, Packers bars in western Wisconsin could benefit from having Favre play for Minnesota. Although the Vikings have not had a game blacked out in their local market since their 1997 finale, they came close at the end of last season when they needed two deadline extensions from the NFL to sell out their playoff game. Favre will help ensure sellouts, which would mean fewer Green Bay games will be broadcast on over the air TV in that region, leaving Packers fans to flock to local bars and restaurants to watch cheap jerseys.

Both engines were damaged, but Capt

Canada geese confirmed as culprit in US Air crash

Chemical analysis of feathers has confirmed that the birds that caused US Airways Flight 1549 to crash land in the buy canada goose jacket cheap Hudson River in New York were migratory Canada geese, researchers from the Smithsonian Institution reported Monday.

The Airbus A320 collided Jan. 15 with a flock of birds about 2,900 feet above the ground and about canada goose 5 miles from LaGuardia Airport, where it had taken off. Both engines were damaged, but Capt. canada goose uk shop Chesley B. Sullenberger III managed to land the plane in the canadian goose jacket river with only minor injuries to some of the 155 people on board.

Samples of Canada Goose Coats On Sale bird feathers and tissue were sent to the Feather Identification Laboratory at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, which routinely identifies birds involved in aircraft collisions.

About 7,400 such bird strikes are uk canada goose outlet reported to the Federal Aviation Canada Goose sale Administration each year, but the real number is far higher: The FAA estimates that only 20% canada goose store are reported. Canada Goose online Bird strikes have destroyed 210 aircraft and caused 229 deaths since 1988.

Remains from about 4% of the reported strikes are sent to the Smithsonian for identification, according to Carla J. Dove, the Canada Goose Outlet lab’s aptly named ornithologist.

In the case of Flight 1549, the feathers were compared to museum exemplars and found to be structurally identical to those uk canada goose of Canada geese (Branta canadensis), an identification that was confirmed by canada goose uk black friday DNA analysis, the team Canada Goose Online reported in the journal cheap canada goose uk Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. The birds weigh about 8 pounds, more than enough to cause heavy damage.

The researchers then went one step further and examined the ratios of hydrogen and its canada goose coats stable isotope, deuterium, in the feathers. Studies of Canada Goose Jackets migratory birds have shown that the deuterium/hydrogen ratio can be used to identify where canada goose factory Canada Goose sale sale the birds molt and breed: The higher the ratio, the canada goose coats on sale further north the birds were canada goose uk outlet when they grew new feathers.

“This is the first time we’ve canada goose clearance sale ever done anything like this” to identify bird strikes, Dove said. The analysis showed that the birds were Canadian migratory geese that bred in Labrador. They may have been wintering in the New York area.

“Knowing that the birds were migratory is crucial to developing management strategies,” said ornithologist Peter P.

If the birds are canada goose black friday sale local, he said, tactics such as population reduction and cheap Canada Goose habitat modification can reduce canada goose clearance the number of bird strikes. But if they are migratory, then improved radar technology and other techniques would be more appropriate.

“Birds and planes share airspace,” Marra said. “We need buy canada goose jacket to figure out how to play nice.”

The team is approaching the more complicated task of trying to determine how many birds struck Flight 1549. A preliminary DNA analysis shows Canada Goose Parka that “at least one male and one female struck one engine, and at least one female struck the second,” Dove said. “That corroborates what the engineers thought.”.

Price made it clear that no team uniforms

On the shoulder is the State of Hockey logo, the first time that has ever appeared on a Wild sweater. The new ligature logo is on the left side of the pant. There are also enlarged numbers on the sleeves and back that are scaled for greater visibility in the stadium setting..

Cheap Jerseys china Beckham is, for lack of a better word, man tastic. He leans on a stool, wearing a crisp white shirt and silver tie, having just taken off his cream suit jacket. His hair is cut short and simple, ceding attention to his long stubble, which covers his face except for two Band Aid size vertical stripes shaved clean on either side of his goatee. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale nfl jerseys I know. I know, man, it’s crazy. She said “pleats,” pinched the front of my pants and then just shook them several times. Near the end of the symposium, the topic of Richmond Heights and the district’s pay to play circumstance was raised. Subsequently, the topic switched to sponsorship of high school teams. Price made it clear that no team uniforms, jerseys, shoes, helmets, etc., can carry sponsors. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys This is going to make me sound old but I remember The Forks before the site was developed. As a teenager, we sometimes go there at night, crawl through a hole in the fence wholesale nfl jerseys, and make our way to the old railroad bridge built in 1888. There we sit, looking up at the stars, contemplating our young lives, and dreaming about the future. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china “The Lions bring a special flavour with all their supporters and a Lions tour is probably the last great tradition of our game which is a great shame. I wonder why they aren’t replicated across the board. So many people get to enjoy them. That generous, happy nature enhanced the shock value of some passages in a biography of him that was released in Finnish in September. Selanne blasted Boudreau for denying him ice time in critical situations and not playing him in Game 4 of the team’s first round playoff series against Dallas, and he criticized Getzlaf for not interceding on his behalf. He sounded bitter, just another athlete unable to accept his decline.. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys Get. The. Fourth. Shouvik Sarkar, associate vice president, TELiBrahma, adds, “The possibilities are limitless. Think about an apparel chain with an inventory of 500 odd garments people messing up trial rooms like it’s a rock concert! Manpower deployed to fold back those garments. Painful, isn’t it? Instead, a digital trial room evokes interest, is done in a jiffy and can affect impulse purchases.”. wholesale jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys When she started school it got worse. I’d take her to her classroom and she’d panic. Every day she would have to be physically restrained so I could leave. The steps that are being greeted by fans in the throng of media that FL network in an ESPN or hear their flanking. Getting. All the players up close and personal and here we are just get a glimpse like all these stands stands been out here all day along with the media. cheap nfl jerseys

Senior officers can vet the “family grams” to protect the crew from upsets. A number have suffered bereavements while out on patrol. Some opt not to be told until they’re in a position to go home. Cost per team is $275. Registration deadline is June 1. For more information call Orv Cott at 812 7251 or 851 4615.

Cheap Jerseys from china Gym results were not satisfactory and Jason opted to experiment with several training programs including powerfactor training, German volume and super flow. He never stopped at these programs and went further to study exercise science as an undergraduate. This saw him travel to several parts of the country for seminars which earned him personal training certificates. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china A game that could have changed history, it could have gone either way. History could have gone either way. Reminds me of a great film called Sliding Doors. You finally come to the conclusion that genetics and your knee have caught up to you and you’re destined to be the big guy in the house. It’s outside of your control and anyway, wishes are for kids.Well get ready big guy because today I’m going to make your wish come true! Today you’re coming off the bench, it’s time to play again and this time the prize will be bigger and better than a Super Bowl ring. Your pot of gold at the end of this season will be the return of your good health! There’s a new coach in town and it’s time for you to play again, only this battle will be an off field game. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap jerseys Sales and marketing need each other; they are married. Though, in this case, a divorce wouldn’t mean a 50/50 split, it would probably mean a business. However, I have always found it ironic that marketing and sales are two totally separate divisions; this is most prominent in some mid size and larger companies cheap jerseys.

The queen lives as deep as 60 feet down

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replica hermes birkin “After days of laying in bed heart broken and trying to piece what happened back together a doctor asked me if I would consider donating my little girls to science so they can also understand why this happens and be able to save another women who has twins with TTTS,” she shared. “This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life but I knew my little girls were in Heaven already and the pain I feel I would never want any mother to ever feel.” replica hermes birkin

hermes replica handbags “Then DVDs came out, and along with DVDs we get the big beautiful flat screen TVs. So what you have to understand is, when I was a kid and we wanted to see a horror movie on TV or a movie that had been Fake Hermes Belts recommended to us at the Saturday matinee, you only saw it once. There was no pause button, there was no rewind button, there was no ‘making of’ King Kong or Forbidden Planet, or whatever it was, there wasn’t anything like that. Now, young kids can get on their dad’s flat screen, pop in Freddy Vs. Jason, which we did in 2004, on a 50 inch flat screen and can watch it in digitally remastered Bluray and it looks as good as any movie out right now.” hermes replica handbags

replica hermes bags Dungey said ABC sees the unscripted Sunday block as an to football for audiences looking to relax at the end of the weekend. Drama Days in the Valley is a thriller toplined by Kyra Sedgwick about a television producer whose young daughter goes missing. Sedgwick is incredible, Dungey said. The character among our pantheon of strong, powerful women. unscripted series are in the works for later in the season, including a kid centric spinoff of With the Stars and Winter Games, featuring past contenders on the dating show. Two other comedies Inc., starring Zach Braff, and domestic laffer Up Together and Shonda Rhimes drama the People, are on deck for midseason. Tank (new day and time period) replica hermes bags

hermes replica But the gender swap from the book is actually a slight red herring: This is not really Bozon investigating the idea of of a woman empowerment, via the unusual route of getting struck by lightning in the middle of an experiment and gaining weird nighttime abilities. As wackily absurdist as the film style is, drolly shot by C Bozon, accompanied by Benjamin Esdraffo tootling flute score and meticulously costumed by Delphine Capossela, its intentions are actually quite sober. With Hyde, Bozon is most interested in critiquing the unfairness and inertia of the French school system, and in investigating what it really means to be a teacher. This unsexy remit is certainly well intentioned, but it does contribute to a sludgy, slower second half in which we sometimes get entire physics lessons laid out for us in real time. hermes replica

hermes replica bags The great trademarked metropolis of Ninjago is routinely attacked by the megalomaniacal Lord Garmadon (Theroux) and his many disposable generals. That’s bad news for Lloyd (Franco), Garmadon’s estranged son, an understandably unpopular high schooler. What now? Arriving only months after Lego Batman, The Lego Ninjago Movie’s unspectacular US box office haul suggests that there’s simply not enough brick love to go around. Bad timing aside, the third of the hitherto excellent Lego movies sequence is the weakest to date. Review TB hermes replica bags

hermes replica belts FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH will work on ground termites (subterranean) above ground were visible but it will do nothing to kill the entire colony. The queen lives as deep as 60 feet down. The diatomaceous earth dehydrates the termites similar to boric acid. You can spread it out on the ground in dry areas which will create a termite barrier and prevent termites from passing through it. To control an entire ground termite colony at the source try buying the least expensive bait steaks at your local hardware store they will kill the colony just follow the label and use the diatomaceous earth in conjunction, I say least expensive because they all contain the same ingredients so why pay a premium. hermes replica belts

relica birkin hermes Grade 10, A Honor Roll: Robert Bender, Sienna Bittner, Marleigh Buechler, Hope Burdolski, Rachel Burgard, Alie Glasser, Laiken Grensteiner, Kaylyn Grzadzieleski, Rebekah Harrington, Jared Honeyman, Brooklyn Just, Hali Kadrmas, Isabella Kraft, Joshua Kuhn, Zachary Kuhn, Rachel LeBlanc, Eliza Lofberg, Nolan Maher, Kendra Mauch, Jacob Maxon, Alicia Moran, Kobe Ogoshi, Chandler Olson, Nicholas Porsborg, Alexandra Rice, Blake Rohrich, Makenna Rudolph, Alec Sanders, Stephanie Schuster, Erica Seeberg, Sarah Selzler, Morgan Shirley Fairbairn, Shane Siverson, Jasmine Skorheim, Hannah Steckler, Chelsea Storbeck, Megan Stroh, Zachary Strombeck, Gina Tietz, Katelyn Tschosik, Sarah Vadnais and Olivia Wagner relica birkin hermes.

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facebook dialogPinterestLupita Nyong'o. 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Steinfeld. Photo by Getty Images courtesy Fake Handbags John Paul Designer Replica Bags Ataker.Full Screen.

Zigzagged with the plan to bomb Santa Monica: while it’s based

miss america advocates for prison reform on park avenue

wholesale replica designer handbags Large Ham: The cat prosecutor with his overacting hand gestures and craggy voice. Literal Minded: Pluto, given that his time in Cat Hell was All Just a Dream. Mickey told Pluto that on Judgment Day he’s have to answer for all the innocent cats he’s chased. Mickey was referring to the typical definition of Judgment Day the end of days when all the dead rise and answer to their crimes but Pluto imagines a Kangaroo Court of cats with a Hanging Judge. Lower Deck Episode: Despite being billed as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey doesn’t appear outside of the opening and ending. Nightmare Sequence: Pluto has a nightmare of getting up on trial for chasing cats. Notably Quick Deliberation: The “jury room” is just a revolving door. Currently provides the page image. Opinion Changing Dream: Before his nightmare Pluto chases cats for the fun of it. After he wakes up he is nice to them. Paper People: One of the witnesses is a cat Pluto chased under a steamroller, the result of his being Squashed Flat. Even the balloon he’s carrying was flattened out without popping. Reflective Eyes: Pluto’s reflection appears in the prosecutor’s eyes at one point. They even look at each other! Rhymes on a Dime: During Pluto’s process, the cats speak in rhyme. Satan: The judge cat is presumably a stand in for him, although he isn’t explicitly referred to as the devil. Scales of Justice: The Statue of Justice is a cat peeking through the blindfold and carrying a lop sided scale. Scare ‘em Straight: In Universe example; the dream serves as this for Pluto. Schmuck Bait: The cat that lures Pluto to the cave mouth challenges him to a fight; when Pluto in dream form hesitates in part to hallucinatory Mickey Mouse appearing and shaking his head the cat asks, “are you yellow?” Pluto takes the bait hook, line and sinker and gives chase. Shameful Shrinking: Happens to Pluto in the middle of the trial. Squashed Flat: What happened to Witness 1: “That great big bully picked on me / because I was so fat / He chased me under a steamroller / and then he left me flat!” wholesale replica designer handbags

high quality designer replica handbags Helicopters in general are routed around areas where artillery is being fired to avoid being hit by airborne shells. This also conveniently justifies a Scenery Gorn scene as the Marines are flown in. Zigzagged with the plan to bomb Santa Monica: while it’s based on real life emergency plans in case of a West Coast invasion of LA, modern air theory and experiences from World War II, Vietnam and the first Gulf War have led to the conclusion that carpet bombing is inefficient and not cost effective for the amount of effort and munitions expended (hence why the B 52, the USAF’s premier carpet bombing platform, was rewired to carried precision guided munitions like the JDAM, though it’s still perfectly capable of carpet bombing if they feel like it). high quality designer replica handbags

high quality replica handbags Shout Out: To various installments in the espionage genre, of course. I love it when a plan comes together! Your mission, should you choose to Fake Designer Bags accept it, will be to save that fruit! Sinister Shades: John Dread’s slick shades never come off. Sky Pirate: An episode involved a young inventor build a gigantic aircraft that literally swallowed planes. When the titular character’s Voice with an Internet Connection is captured by the crew, the first thing he does is claim that such an aircraft cannot exist, citing off scientific reasons. Something Only They Would Say: Inverted when Max figures out Dread is impersonating Roberto because Dread gets Berto’s nickname for him consistently wrong. Played straight when Dragonelle, impersonating Rachel, stands next to Rachel and tries to accuse the real one of being the impostor. The real Rachel tells Max not to even bother playing along and to just destroy the episode’s MacGuffin, ensuring the impostor has no chance of getting it. Max quips, “Now that sounds like our Ms. Leeds” as he does so. The Symbiote: Mutualism; once the nanoprobes enter Josh’s system, his body adapts to their presence and they become a biomodification. The fact that Josh’s body doesn’t remember how to work without them, coupled with how quickly they consume their energy source, is often a plot point. Taken further in season 3 where the primary power source is lost and it’s implied that Josh will eventually die with only the smaller backup source trying to fill in for it. Unresolved Sexual Tension: Happens to Max and Rachel during season 1. During an especially emotional moment for Max, Rachel kisses him to calm him down and they spend the next couple of episodes arguing with each other (more than usual) until they finally talk about it near the end of the season. Villain Ball: John Dread misses more than one chance to kill Max because he wants him alive to study his biomodifications, and Max, every single time, escapes and ruins his plans. Villainous Breakdown: Psycho is less than thrilled when he hatches a plot in season 3 that has nothing to do with N Tek or Max like all of John Dread’s schemes, but it turns out Max is there anyway by sheer coincidence. Dread has a minor one of these in his last appearance, where he expresses shock at Max coming back from the most impossible situation he’d ever been in. It’s not very spectacular, but it’s a major display compared to Dread’s usual calm, professional demeanor. Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World: Played straight in the first two seasons. By season three, Josh seems to have quit school to focus on his sports career. Why Won’t You Die?: During the Villainous BreakdownPsycho: That’s impossible! We saw you die high quality replica handbags.