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Leominster hosts national dek hockey tournament

LEOMINSTER Leominster is the birthplace of organized street hockey and dek hockey, and the Leominster Dek Hockey Center is celebrating a special anniversary. National Tournament.

The tournament began Friday and will run through Sunday. The event is a national competition for participants ages 16 and older, with the majority of players in their mid to late 20s. nationals including squads from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as a group of local teams from Massachusetts, including Leominster. wholesale jerseys from china Although the competition is elite, there is also some parity among the competitors.

“There are really eight teams that could win it,” Leominster Dek Hockey Center owner Chris Housser said. “Some teams have won it in the past pretty regularly, while some are new teams that are younger and are getting involved and improving.”

There is a three game seeding round, then the playoffs guarantee each team a fourth game. Sunday is when the semifinals and championship games take place, and those contests tend to draw larger crowds.

In addition to battle for a title, the event serves as a ranking tournament for future competitions, helping to determine which level of competition the teams enter into. “The semifinal games are competitive with a lot of action. Players in this sport shoot the ball over 100 miles per hour.”

The Leominster Rams have been a mainstay in the tournament for years, and Steve Kendall who coaches Nashoba Regional ice hockey and softball is one of the best defensemen in the sport. Last year at the world championships, Kendall picked up the Most Valuable Defensive Player Award.

During a particularly impressive stretch, the Rams won the national tournament in Leominster in six out of the nine events from 2000 08.

Dek hockey is similar to street hockey in regulations and rink size, however street hockey participants play on tar or concrete, while dek hockey players battle on a plastic surface with the same 160 feet by 80 feet dimensions. Ball hockey is another variation of the sport, but it takes place on dry ice hockey rinks.

Dek hockey has similar rules to ice hockey, however there is no checking and some of the guidelines differ slightly, for instance the center line in dek hockey is the offsides line.

“Dek hockey is street hockey, but it’s played on a module outdoor surface,” Housser said. “It is a plastic surface with grip on the top, so you can play in inclement weather. You use a plastic ball, and a plastic or composite stick, so you have the stick on ice feel. For safety reasons, it’s better with cushioning on the hips, knees, ankles or back; it’s easier to run on this than cement or asphalt.”

Street hockey had a long, unofficial history, with people playing schoolyard and backyard games with worn out ice hockey equipment. Leominster native Ray LeClerc changed the sport by founding organized street hockey in the early 1970s, then in 1974 constructed the Leominster Dek Hockey Center.

LeClerc established a set of rules for the sport which are still in place today, laying the groundwork for national and international tournaments. Through Mylec, a street hockey equipment company he also founded, LeClerc invented the signature orange ball most identified with the sport.

Mylec is still running strong in its Winchendon location, and boasts roller hockey blades and hockey surfaces in its manufacturing line.

“LeClerc tried to promote the game throughout the country with his company,” Housser said. “He was really successful in that, and is the father of our sport. Today the sport is growing every year, worldwide too. (Being the home of the sport), Leominster has generated a lot of good players over time, and I think the community has a lot to be proud of.”

The senior nationals event is one of many tournaments hosted at the facility throughout the year. On Memorial Day weekend, the facility will host one of the more prestigious youth tournaments. There are also tournaments for women and masters division tournaments held at the Leominster site.

Vlaanderen Vakantieland op bezoek in Tanzania

Sinds zaterdag 24 november neemt Vlaanderen Vakantieland op Eén je mee naar Kenya en Tanzania.

Twee reporters en vijf avonturiers hebben een doel: drie weken lang rondtrekken dwars door de Afrikaanse bush. Overgeleverd aan de ongerepte natuur en haar ontembare schoonheid. Het wordt een trip door het mysterieuze zwart Afrika, op zoek naar het kloppend hart van de Afrikaanse cultuur. Ze maken er kennis met de bewoners van de jungle en vangen een glimp op van de big five.

Het reisdagboek brengt herinneringen naar boven van de opnames in januari 2012 wanneer Saartje Vandendriessche, Thomas Vanderveken en de ploeg op het einde van de reis in Arusha (in het Noorden van Tanzania) kennis maken met Onsea House en Machweo en een bezoek wordt gebracht aan het iThemba Baraa Primary School project dat we steunen.

Ook zin gekregen in een safari naar Tanzania met verblijf bij Onsea House of Machweo? Neem contact op met ons op

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Her neurological examination was otherwise normal

importance of accurately identifying disease in studies using electronic health records

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Asilia Africa opens new Rubondo Island Camp in Tanzania

Opening on December 15th 2012, Rubondo Island Camp will be the only camp on Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. With an area of 456 km2 it is the largest Island National Park in Africa and has laid unexplored for decades.

With forest eco-systems increasingly scarce in equatorial Africa and across the world, Asilia is very proud to be able to work with Tanzania National Parks and other partners to develop Rubondo Island into a thriving and lasting conservation area – protecting wildlife and habitat, and contributing to the economic development of the region.

A short flight from the Serengeti NP, the island is the epitome of peace and tranquility. The island has no human inhabitants and 80% is covered with a pristine sub-tropical forest. Elephant and giraffe are dwarfed by ancient trees, and wild chimpanzees inhabit the untouched forests. In the shadow lurk bushbuck and genet, and the elusive sitatunga hides in the papyrus swamps. Crocodile lie in wait along the shores and hippo crash through the shallows. Nile Perch in excess of 100 kilograms call these waters home, and over 200 bird species thrive in this rich natural habitat. This is virgin paradise, uninhabited for decades.

The small and exclusive camp is being constructed using local materials to blend in with the island’s natural vegetation. The 8 luxury cottages will sit in the shade of the forest canopy just 60 metres from the lake shore. 3 spacious cottages will be ready for our ‘soft opening’ in December 2012 to stand alongside the 5 luxury tents under thatch. During the camp closure in April/May the tents will be replaced by larger cottages and the camp will be completely ready by June 2013.

Visit the blog for regular updates and photographs of the new camp.

Founded in 2004, Asilia has a strong presence in the main safari destinations in Tanzania and Kenya and aspires to grow its footprint and its positive impact and to be a leader in improving and expanding natural habitats. Currently, Asilia’s portfolio of camps includes: In Tanzania: Sayari Camp, Dunia Camp, Olakira Camp, Oliver’s Camp and Ubuntu Camp. On Zanzibar: Matemwe Lodge, Matemwe Retreat and Matemwe Beach House. In Kenya: Rekero Camp and Naboisho Camp.
Since the opening of Onsea House in 2006, we have been a great match with the Asilia properties. With the addition of Machweo in 2011, we are now welcoming even more clients before and/or after their safari in Asilia properties.