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$12. 21 and over. KS. The roof and distinctive 1960s entry to the former Big O restaurant building will drastically change next week, when its transformation into office space begins. Fourth St., which most recently housed a martial arts studio and insurance office. It opened in 1962 as the 24 hour Big O restaurant, known for its big breakfasts, and for being one of Corvallis’ most popular gathering places.

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“Out of Africa” ervaring met KLM bij Belgen in Tanzania

Go beyond. Ontdek Afrika met AIR FRANCE, KLM en partners. Samen bieden zij het grootste netwerk naar het Afrikaanse continent en brengen ze zelfs die bestemmingen dichterbij waar u voorheen niet makkelijk kon komen.

KLM België heeft een “Out of Africa” aanbieding voor boekingen tot 17 mei 2011, wat kijkers van de We Are From Belgium – Tanzania uitzending nog even de tijd geeft om hun reis te plannen.

Vanaf 892 EURO zijn er naar Tanzania Special Offer - flight offers met vertrek uit België via Amsterdam en vervolgens rechtstreeks naar Kilimanjaro International Airport, op 35 minuten rijden van Onsea House.

Voor wie op safari wil komen, eventueel in combinatie met een Kilimanjaro beklimming en/of strandvakantie, werden – naar aanleiding van de reportage op de VRT – zowel enkele standaard budget safaris als klassieke luxe safaris paketten uitgewerkt. Contacteer Dirk op voor verdere info.

Spectaculair Last Minute Low Season Aanbod

Klik en vertrek met KLM. Vertrek vanuit Antwerpen met de trein naar Schiphol en vlieg van daaruit naar Nairobi en verder door naar Kilimanjaro. Het kan nog voor 480 EURO retour inclusief taxen onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid met vertrek op donderdag 26 april en minimum 1 week verblijf aan Last Minute Low Season prijzen bij Onsea House of Machweo: U boekt de KLM vlucht retour met de Laagste Prijzen Kalender naar Nairobi en wij zorgen voor een gratis retourtransfer van Nairobi naar Onsea House.

Ideaal voor snelle beslissers die op safari willen, de Kilimanjaro willen zien of gewoon er even een weekje tussenuit willen. Ook op andere dagen tot en met eind mei gelden er super voorwaarden voor een verblijf.

Contacteer voor een concrete offerte, rekening houdend met uw vluchtdata.

53 Notre Dame games the best

53 Notre Dame games the best

The Oklahoma Notre Dame series is marked by two things: the Irish’s epic 7 0 upset in 1957, which ended the Sooners’ 47 game winning streak, and Notre Dame’s 8 1 series domination. That overshadows the wondrous 1952 and 1953 games, which kicked off the series. Notre Dame won 27 21 in 1952 at South Bend and 28 21 in 1953 at Norman.

Time to remind fans just how majestic were those games. Two of the best in OU history, even in defeat. From The Oklahoman archives:

Played on Nov. 8, OU entered the game 5 0 1 and ranked fourth. Notre Dame entered 4 1 1 and ranked 10th. “A wonderful lesson for our lads,” Notre Dame coach Frank Leahy said. “It proved to them that if you want something bad enough, and if you are willing to dig in and work for it, almost any objective is possible.”

It’s possible that Billy Vessels played the greatest individual game ever played by a Sooner. He gained 195 yards on 17 carries and scored all three OU touchdowns. The game won him the ’52 Heisman Trophy. “That Vessels is one of the finest running backs I’ve ever seen,” Leahy said. “And I saw a lot of Vessels today.”

Vessels scored on a 28 yard pass play from quarterback Eddie Crowder and runs of 62 and 47 yards.

The game ended when Notre Dame defensive back Paul Reynolds, at the 2 yard line, batted down Vessels’ desperation pass. Notre Dame students rushed the field and hoisted the Irish players on their shoulders.

While Notre Dame students chanted “We want Leahy!”, Bud Wilkinson said, “We played as well as we can. I’m very proud of the boys.” Imagine a coach saying that today after a six turnover performance. Roberts was ejected in the second quarter for tossing an elbow. He went to the Notre Dame locker room after the game and apologized to Leahy and the Irish players.

Jim Tatum visited the OU locker room after the game. Tatum was the Sooners’ head coach in 1946 and was the man who brought Wilkinson to Norman. Tatum’s Maryland team, 7 0 and ranked second, had that Saturday off.

73 newspapers covered the game, plus three wire services. Grantland Rice was among them.

65 television stations aired the game, making it the most televised sporting event in American history to that time. Also, 10 radio companies originated the game and six newsreel companies filmed the game. If you don’t know what a newsreel is, go ask your grandfather.

The Irish wore green jerseys. The Sooners wore crimson. You don’t see that often. It looked like Christmas.

10,000 OU fans made the trip. They were headquartered in Chicago and had rented the Sheraton hotel ballroom for a victory celebration that never took place.

Before the game, eight large young men, playing bagpipes and wearing Scottish regalia, including kilts, marched through Notre Dame’s stadium concourse, followed by about 25 marching men who chanted with the bagpipes. One of the bagpipers claimed that the Irish, not the Scottish, originated bagpipes.

There were no women students. Notre Dame didn’t go coed until jerseys

The Notre Dame and OU bands joined together to play the national anthem, and OU’s director, Leonard H. Haug, directed both bands. The OU band numbered 150 strong and arrived in South Bend mid morning, after an all night train ride.

Much to the Notre Dame crowd’s delight, the OU band played “Oklahoma!” and “Surrey With a Fringe On Top.”

OU led 21 14 early in the fourth quarter. But a 79 yard touchdown drive tied the game, then OU’s Larry Grigg muffed the ensuing kickoff, setting up the go ahead score.

OU outgained Notre Dame 357 354. OU rushed for 313 yards but completed just two of 10 passes. Notre Dame completed 13 of 22 passes, most of them by sophomore quarterback Ralph Guglielmi.

Sophomore halfback star Buddy Leake suffered an ankle injury the week of the game. He tried to play and went most of the first and third quarters. He kicked all three extra points, but Leake’s running, passing and receiving were hampered.

OU cheerleaders and Ruf Neks made the trip, too. They led the Big Red out of the tunnel before the game, carrying the state flag and the Confederate flag.

Ticket scalping was against the law, but that didn’t stop the dastardly crime. Tickets were going for $10 and $20 before the game.

A season opener, on Sept. 26. Notre Dame was ranked No. 1. The Sooners were No. 6.

Larry Grigg, a goat in the 1952 game, scored OU’s first touchdown. Jack Ging, who would go on to a long acting career in Hollywood, scored the second.

A blocked punt set up a Notre Dame touchdown that tied the game 14 14 at halftime.

OU’s band was placed on temporary bleachers in the southeast corner of Owen Field. At halftime, the OU band formed an outline of the Notre Dame administration building while playing the famous “Notre Dame Victory March.” Who knows how anyone was supposed to know that it was the Notre Dame administration building. Then the band went into outlines of a football and a crown, a “lamp of learning” and an eagle. Sounds like the show could have used “Surrey With a Fringe On Top.”

1953 was the first year that college football returned to single platoon. Free substitution had been allowed during the Korean War years. But substitutions were limited in 1953, and Wilkinson was caught short in the third quarter. Notre Dame scored two touchdowns against the OU second stringers, and Wilkinson was powerless to change personnel until the fourth quarter.

Before the season, Wilkinson and Leahy had dueled in a magazine debate over single platoon or two platoon football. Wilkinson preferred single platoon. Leahy preferred free substitution. “I’d estimate our starters played 55 minutes each,” Leahy said after the game. “You’ll notice that the new rule does not let enough boys play. It forces us to hold down the substitution.”

The 2011 Safari Awards – and the nominees are…

We are delighted to inform you that Onsea House has been nominated for a Good Safari Guide Award (2011).

Voting for this year’s Good Safari Guide Awards has now closed with 1696 nominators having voted for 351 safari lodges and camps in Africa. 80% were Luxury Travel Specialists of which 65% were Tour Operators and 15% were Travel Agents. 11% of those voting were Ground Handlers and 8% DMC’s.

A judges’ panel of highly respected independent tour operators who are specialists in safaris will select the awards winners using their tried and tested process. The awards winners are only revealed at The Good Safari Guide Awards Gala Ceremony held at Moyo in Durban the night before INDABA 2011 – Africa’s best travel and tourism show - starts, Friday 6th May, at 7.30pm.

Support the Onsea House nomination as your votes will count in the event of a tie-break. Please continue to vote via:

Robot Goosinators deployed to clean up Denver parks

The Goosinator inventors say what makes it a goose worst nightmare is that it zips as fast as 25 mph across land, water, ice and snow right to where the birds aren used to being chased.Tests on two lakes and the grass near the Denver Museum of Nature Science immediately scattered hundreds of geese. Instead of circling back, they landed on soccer fields to the west.just want to get their numbers down, parks deputy manager Scott Gilmore said. trying to mimic natural habitat because in urban parks we lack predators. problem: poop. canada goose jacket A single Canada goose drops at least 1 pound a day.Tens of thousands of geese migrate through Denver during winter and an estimated 700 live year round just in City Park. Warmer weather and protected habitat encourage more migrants to stay.want to encourage the geese to keep moving, Gilmore said.In City Park, carefully refurbished for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, geese graze on tall grass along the lakes shorelines. The route past a liberty sculpture is a green splotched minefield that parks crews struggle to keep clean.City officials say people complain up to 50 times a week about the mess in City Park.Across Denver, cleaning up after geese costs $500 to $1,000 a week.But Goosinating already is controversial.are geese supposed to go when the Goosinators harass them into leaving? said Cindy Yeast, who lives near City Park and helps injured geese. know people don like the goose poop. I don like it either. But are we supposed to rid the parks of wildlife just so people don step in poop? whose 82 decibel whine sounds like a weed whacker crossed with a blender, may drive geese to other parks, city animal and wildlife coordinator Doug Kelley said. If so, they be hazed away from that area. refuge may be water supply reservoirs surrounding the city.For years, park and golf course managers have grappled with geese. The big birds feed and breed easily across predator free landscapes, savoring the equivalent of a buffet on fertilized greenways and ponds. State laws allow humane hazing as long as it is not done between April 1 and Aug. 1, when geese may be nesting.Two Goosinators cost $3,000 each. Denver parks officials say they plan to purchase up to eight more to target geese at Sloan Lake, Harvey Park, Washington Park and elsewhere.They enlisting unpaid college interns to run the remote controlled Goosinators.Two years of tinkering by design engineer Randy Claussen and his brother in law, south metro golf course superintendent Mike Ratcliff, led to the Goosinator. Ratcliff had long lamented how he felt like an idiot chasing geese in golf carts and running around ponds clapping. They claim Goosinators, if used regularly, will get rid of 90 percent of geese in a park.Goosinators have been deployed on golf courses near New York and Boston, around the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., and at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.This will be cheaper than hiring dogs, which can cost $500 a week.While the new gizmos may spook the birds, they unlikely to have lasting effects, said Terry Hardey, who for 11 years has run Hardey Border Collie Goose Patrol.