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Calories in Vodka Wine

Calories in Vodka Wine

Vodka and wine are two alcoholic beverages that you might be able to consume without wrecking your diet, as both are fairly low in calories. Department of Agriculture warns can have harmful effects if consumed heavily.

Wine Types

The calories in wine can vary depending on type and brand. In general, the USDA reports, red wine has slightly more calories than white: 5 ounces of red wine has 105 calories, compared to 100 calories in 5 ounces of white wine. You will find a few more calories in a sparkling wine or champagne. A dessert wine, like a port, can give you double the calories of a white wine like chardonnay.Canada Goose Outlet

Vodka Proof

When it comes to calories in vodka, the strength makes a difference. The USDA lists a 1 1/5 ounce shot of an 80 proof spirit which is 40% alcohol by volume like vodka at 64 calories. The calories go up as the vodka gets stronger. A 100 proof shot of vodka will give you nearly twice as many calories. Adding flavor, however, to the vodka as many popular brands do doesn give it more calories. Vodka can be made from a variety of products, including potatoes, wheat, corn and rye, or a mixture of grains. There even a vodka made from milk by Vermont Spirits and a low calorie, electrolyte induced vodka from Voli Spirits. Unlike wine, vodka is usually consumed within a cocktail instead of by itself. Drinking vodka with a mixer like tonic water, orange or cranberry juice will add calories. That 100 calorie vodka can quickly become a 300 calorie mixed drink. You will usually drink wine straight, though, keeping the calories exactly at the original amount.

Can geese be used to feed the hungry

Can geese be used to feed the hungry?

This letter references the Sept. 21 article regarding the hopes that the hunting season will cut the Canada goose population to 85,000 from the current 200,000. I ask: What are the plans for all of these geese once they are killed? Will any of these birds be prepared for consumption by humans or animals?

I know many shelters and kitchens in many areas of New York State probably could use a good portion of these animals if this was allowed. Many of the birds probably are not suitable,canada goose jacket but I would guess that there would be a great number that could be consumed. Perhaps we could find a use for the goose feathers, too. Does the State Department of Environmental Conservation have any guidelines set for such practices of saving a portion of the birds for meals or other products?

When the deer populations are thinned out, many of these beautiful animals are used for the kitchens and whatnot. Why not the Canada geese as well? Yes, they are messy and a nuisance, but we took their land from them as we have taken the land from the deer. I only hope the DEC considers doing such a good deed as providing meals and other products for animal shelters and homeless/low income kitchens. I am just a caring and concerned resident interested in the process of reuse, replace and recycle.