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Onsea House represented by Exclusive Tanzania and others at WTM London from 12-15 Nov 2007

The World Travel Market, staged every year in London under one roof, is one of the most important travel fairs in the world.

Exclusive Tanzania, operated by the German Miriam Bracht, represents Onsea House in Arusha as exhibiting partner on the stand AF1600 of Tanzania Tourist Board.
Exclusive Tanzania brings to you a group of small, breathtaking and exquisite hotels and lodges throughout Tanzania that lie off the beaten track and can be considered as ‘jewels’ or ‘secrets’. The Exclusive Tanzania website will be online by the time of the event.

Karibu Africa Safaris, operated by the Dutch Oscar Sydasna, will also be promoting our services for upmarket safaris.

Another operator at WTM which frequently books Onsea House is Leopard Tours. Leopard operates 140 4×4 safaricruisers. They cover lodge and camping safari, incentive and group tours, FITs, beach holidays and Mount Kilimanjaro trekking, all with personalised services.

Onsea House has as Boutique Hotel in Arusha good relations with colleagues & standholders Asilia Lodges, The Tides Lodge, Singita Grumeti Reserves and Nomad Tanzania, who can be cross-checked.

Ethiopian Airlines to launch services to Zanzibar and special rates to Tanzania

Ethiopian Airlines in line with its commitment of expanding its route network within Africa, will commence daily flight to Zanzibar effective October 28, 2007. The new flight connects Zanzibar with the extensive network of Ethiopian in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and US.

Ethiopian will operate Boeing 737-700 aircraft to Zanzibar, offering a total capacity of 118 seats – 16 in Cloud Nine and 102 in Economy with B737-700 service and daily flights arriving at 14:10 in Zanzibar.

To celebrate this new flight, Ethiopian will be introducing special fares from Europe to Tanzania. With daily service to three destinations in Tanzania, passengers will have the flexibility to fly into Zanzibar and out of Kilimanjaro, for example, and thus experience both the best beaches and highest mountain of Africa.

Prices start as of 355 Euro from London, 499 Euro from Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris or Rome and 650 Euro from Stockholm.

Can you trust Ethiopian Airlines?
Ethiopian Airlines recently won the 2007 Africa Business Award of The African Times – USA for its significant contributions towards the development of air transport in Africa. In September 2006 it was awarded “African Airline of the Year” for the year 2006 by African Aviation Journal for its financial performance and overall profitability, passenger growth, route network expansion, fleet modernization, in-flight services and over all customer care.

Airline tickets can be purchased online via Ethiopian Airlines or through Onsea House in Arusha, Tanzania by email

Onsea House is a great base for your safari in Tanzania, Mount Meru or Kilimanjaro cimb and/or Zanzibar beach holiday extension.

Will Bob Stoops consider new

Baylor’s new neon gold helmet was a show stealer at Big 12 Football Media Days last week. I wrote about the helmet over the weekend, which you can read here. But just in case you think the Mod Squad look is embraced only by the newcomers to college football’s table of success, check out these uniforms from our old friends in Lincoln.

Yep, Nebraska is unveiling new age uniforms. The Huskers will wear black jerseys that look more at home in a sci fi movie than on the hallowed ground in Huskerland.wholesale jerseys from china You can see them

“You’re never above experimenting here or there,” Stoops said. “Some time you have a chance to do it, you never know. You know why, too, it’s fair to say.”

And here’s why. I received an email from the father of a former OU player. I thought it was interesting enough to share.

“Berry, I just read your blog on the Baylor gold helmet and the trend of being like Oregon filtering through college football. Let me tell you, my son told me numerous times the players at OU were getting tired of the same uniforms every game, and they were wanting ‘cool’ new looks (especially all the out of state players). And they heard many recruits say, ‘why does OU not have a bunch of cool options to wear?’

“I know, I know, I am like you. I LOVE the tradition of the OU uniforms, but you and I are not being recruited for OU. And I know there is SO much more (and more important) things to choose a college to play football at, but I am telling you it is starting (if not already) to hurt OU. Kids today LOVE to look good. (My son) said OU needs to get on the same page as OSU, Oregon, etc. or it will hurt recruiting. I know Boren, Joe and Bob will fight hard against it, but I believe it could ignite some recruiting if they could display some new modern uniforms because like the program was getting stale, the kids can sense that, too.

“I am not saying wear something new like Oregon does every weekend, but I do think OU needs to get Nike to create a couple of modern ones, or they will continue to be behind the times.”

I don’t know how serious are these player desires. Could be just 20 year olds talking. But clearly, the new age uniforms at Oregon and OSU and West Virginia and all over the country have caught recruits’ attention. And some tradition rich programs have gone down the same path.

“It’s interesting that some don’t, though,” Stoops said. “Florida doesn’t do it. Georgia doesn’t do it. Alabama doesn’t do it. USC doesn’t do it. Penn State doesn’t do it. Ohio State doesn’t do it. There’s some pretty good schools that don’t do it. Oklahoma doesn’t do it. Throw us in there.”

Now, some schools have gone to single game special uniforms. OU has worn throwback uniforms on rare occasions.

Stoops said Nike would like the Sooners to experiment and he and the OU administration are willing to consider it. “But we garner attention when kids turn on the TV, we’re recognizable immediately,” Stoops said. “As soon as you turn it on. We garner attention through being such a brand, to a degree.”

US Ambassador to Tanzania holds reception at Onsea House

Arusha Times covers this week the reception held by US Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Green at Onsea House on October 2. He addressed Alumni of State Department Educational Programmes. The reception was also attended by local institutions leaders.

At the same time her Highness, The Royal Princess Astrid of Belgium was in Arusha. The princess visited the factory of the A to Z textile mills in her mission to eradicate malaria in Africa. Belgian Ambassador Peter Maddens confirmed that her highness was here on invitation of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (hosted by the WHO), for which she is Special Representative, as also announced in the RBM Press Release.

Serengeti half Marathon in the footsteps of the Kilimanjaro Marathon

The 6th Kilimanjaro Marathon will take place on Sunday 2 March 2008. 1 month before that date, on February 3rd 2008, the first international Serengeti half Marathon will take place.

Already for a long time the North of the Serengeti and Loliondo has been facing problems in the provision of healthcare. Diseases related to HIV-Aids, malnutrition, tuberculosis and malaria are increasingly becoming a burden to the healthcare that the local hospitals can provide, and there is an urgent need to do something about it.
Organising The international Serengeti half Marathon is one of the steps that will be taken, in order to do something about the present situation.
Next to empowering the healthfacilities, the half marathon also stimulates our people and children in creating better health for everyone.

With the marathon, the aim is to raise money for Digodigo dispensary in order to upgrade it to become a health center.
Digodigo dispensary is situated in the Sonjo valley, about 56 km away from Loliondo and 350 km from Arusha. Its inhabitants (about 20.000 in total) are mainly pastoralists and agriculturalists, called the Watemi, the neighbours of the Maasai, in the Northern part of the Ngorongoro district. The catholic priest and physician, the late Dr. Herbert Watschinger founded the dispensary in 1974. For a long time it received funds from the Austrian government, in cooperation with the Catholic Arch Diocese of Arusha.

The enthousiastic organization team, consisting of Dutch MD’s Lennard Hiltermann and Christian Van Rij together with a group of Tanzanians from the area of Wasso and Loliondo, expect international and national runners and the aim is to host 350 runners.Participants staying at Onsea House before and/or after the Serengeti Marathon will contribute extra to the fundraising.

When to climb Kilimanjaro?

Which is the best trekking season for Kilimanjaro? Which route should I take to climb? These and many more answers to your questions, can be found in Henry Stedman’s “trekking guide to Africa’s highest mountain” which includes now also an excellent section on Mount Meru and guides to Arusha, Moshi, Marangu, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. The guide to Arusha must be one of the most detailled and updated sections on the “safari capital” which has been written so far. At the time of publishing, Onsea House was just about to open so unfortunately the author was not able yet to include us. The most authorative and detailed writer of the climbing Kilimanjaro however visited Onsea House recently and thanked us for a “splended evening touring around the hotel, eating in the restaurant and playing on the pool table”. Check for helpfull advise and the latest news and reviews his site or contact Onsea House on for advise, taking into account timing, budget and your skills.

Where to go on safari at this time of the year?

It seems to be one of the classical questions. Where should we go on safari? At this time of the year, the migration is in the Northern part of the Serengeti. The wildebeest accumulate in the Mara River area. We went some weeks ago to witness it ourselves what our Onsea House guests discover when travelling with reputable safari companies like Green Footprint Adventures, Nomad Tanzania, Sokwe and TrueAfrica who frequently use Onsea House as a homebase before and after the safari.

Green Footprint Adventures has an increasing success with its safari programs starting and ending in Arusha in combination with multiple nights at Onsea House. Many alternatives include also a 15 day safari visiting Arusha, Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Zanzibar. One of the highlights is certainly the stay at the Asilia Sayari Camp in the Serengeti, close to the Mara River and ideally located at this time of the year. Recommendable!