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Onsea House represented at Indaba 2007

Indaba 2007 in Durban, South Africa is the 3th largest Tourism and Travel Fair in the world. Onsea House Arusha will be represented by several Tanzanian Tour Operators, including Miriam Bracht from Sokwe & Asilia Lodges, the first professionals who discovered us since we opened on July 1 2006. Meet Miriam until May 15 at INDABA – DEC 722.

Will Bob Stoops consider new

Baylor’s new neon gold helmet was a show stealer at Big 12 Football Media Days last week. I wrote about the helmet over the weekend, which you can read here. But just in case you think the Mod Squad look is embraced only by the newcomers to college football’s table of success, check out these uniforms from our old friends in Lincoln.

Yep, Nebraska is unveiling new age uniforms. The Huskers will wear black jerseys that look more at home in a sci fi movie than on the hallowed ground in Huskerland.wholesale jerseys from china You can see them

“You’re never above experimenting here or there,” Stoops said. “Some time you have a chance to do it, you never know. You know why, too, it’s fair to say.”

And here’s why. I received an email from the father of a former OU player. I thought it was interesting enough to share.

“Berry, I just read your blog on the Baylor gold helmet and the trend of being like Oregon filtering through college football. Let me tell you, my son told me numerous times the players at OU were getting tired of the same uniforms every game, and they were wanting ‘cool’ new looks (especially all the out of state players). And they heard many recruits say, ‘why does OU not have a bunch of cool options to wear?’

“I know, I know, I am like you. I LOVE the tradition of the OU uniforms, but you and I are not being recruited for OU. And I know there is SO much more (and more important) things to choose a college to play football at, but I am telling you it is starting (if not already) to hurt OU. Kids today LOVE to look good. (My son) said OU needs to get on the same page as OSU, Oregon, etc. or it will hurt recruiting. I know Boren, Joe and Bob will fight hard against it, but I believe it could ignite some recruiting if they could display some new modern uniforms because like the program was getting stale, the kids can sense that, too.

“I am not saying wear something new like Oregon does every weekend, but I do think OU needs to get Nike to create a couple of modern ones, or they will continue to be behind the times.”

I don’t know how serious are these player desires. Could be just 20 year olds talking. But clearly, the new age uniforms at Oregon and OSU and West Virginia and all over the country have caught recruits’ attention. And some tradition rich programs have gone down the same path.

“It’s interesting that some don’t, though,” Stoops said. “Florida doesn’t do it. Georgia doesn’t do it. Alabama doesn’t do it. USC doesn’t do it. Penn State doesn’t do it. Ohio State doesn’t do it. There’s some pretty good schools that don’t do it. Oklahoma doesn’t do it. Throw us in there.”

Now, some schools have gone to single game special uniforms. OU has worn throwback uniforms on rare occasions.

Stoops said Nike would like the Sooners to experiment and he and the OU administration are willing to consider it. “But we garner attention when kids turn on the TV, we’re recognizable immediately,” Stoops said. “As soon as you turn it on. We garner attention through being such a brand, to a degree.”

Reisverslag van Golf & Safari week bij Onsea House

Lees het uitgebreide reisverslag over de avonturen van 11 Vlaamse dames die op Tanzaniaanse Golf & Safari week kwamen bij Onsea House. Download en lees het Word attachement: Onsea House – verslag OFWA

Dirk Draulans' blog werkt aanstekelijk

Sinds de post op zijn blog op 9 december 2006, is er vanuit het artikel van Knack redacteur Dirk Draulans over "gelukkig zijn" al een heel aantal keer doorgeklikt naar Onsea House. Zijn woorden "… Ik maakte in Arusha ook enkele vrienden, Belgen die me in de Via Via hadden aangesproken, Dirk en Axel Janssens, twee neven die samen investeerden in een prachtig guesthouse met een mooi zwembad aan de rand van de stad: Onsea House … En toen ik na het diner in Onsea House naar mijn kamer wandelde. Ik voelde me toen zo gelukkig." werken blijkbaar aanstekelijk. Merci, Dirk, merci!

Onsea House Land Rover 88

Both our vintage Land Rover 88 and new Defender 110 are ideal for a safari in and around Arusha.

Travel in style: visit the best of the Northern Circuit with a start at Onsea House

TrueAfrica launched this week the Best of the Northern Circuit, a luxurious fly-in safari special offer to Tarangire and Serengeti National Park. Travel in style during your honeymoon or “once in a lifetime” safari experience in Tanzania! Your 8 day safari starts and ends at Onsea House in Arusha. Limited dates are available so don’t wait to long and contact TrueAfrica for a direct booking.

Benefit from last minute Africa safari promotions in May and June

Air France has announced today some interesting promotions to Africa including a flight to Nairobi at 611 Euro which is a good deal for end May and June, just before the peak season! Book before 14 May and travel before 15 June!
Onsea House Arusha is supporting this action for everybody who wants to come on safari in Tanzania during the period of this promotion from May 8 until June 15:
From May 8 until May 23, you can benefit to stay at our Boutique Hotel Lodge at Low Season Rate on Bed & Breakfast (B&B) base. As of 2 nights stay, we book your safari for free.
As of May 23 until June 15, you can stay at Onsea House either on B&B, HB or FB base. As of 2 nights stay we also offer the free service to book your safari in collaboration with a local tour operator.

Onsea House launches Gourmet Catering: Delicatessen Take Away in Arusha

At the occasion of the Karibu Travel & Tourism Fair, Onsea House will launch today, June 8, their Gourmet Catering Menu. Instead of starting a Delicatessen store – coffee shop at the corner of Joel Maeda and India Streets, as originally planned, Onsea House Arusha offers as of now a Gourmet Catering service: either take away at Onsea House (Moivaro, Moshono Village) or have it delivered anywhere in Arusha. The menu ranges from apero snacks, quiches, soups, starters & main dishes to genuine Belgian chocolate desserts and icecream. Fine delicatessen with local and imported produce. Great for private parties at home, office lunches, receptions, weddings etc. Orders: call Axel Janssens on +255 787 112 498 or email Since we work with market fresh products, please allow for preparation 24 hours after confirmation of the order. See attached menu with pricelist.