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Tanzania focuses on its National Parks: Mkomazi, Tanzania’s 15th national park

Efforts to expand Tanzania’s National Parks have been continuous in the past years. After the new Saadani National Park, now an exciting new development for wildlife lovers is unfolding in northern Tanzania. Added to Tanzania’s 14 national parks will be the restructured Mkomazi, a 56-year-old former game reserve. As the centerpiece of the new national park, Mkomazi is joined with the Umba Forest Reserve, and shares a border with Tsavo National Park. Tanzania’s 15th national park plays a key role within the greater ecosystem as safe migratory routes and dispersal areas for herds of elephants, oryx and zebras during the wet season and as a protected area for giraffes and many other birds and animals year round.

The transformation of Mkomazi into a National Park has served three major purposes: the re-securing of its land as a haven for wildlife, including the reintroduction of the critically endangered (and once extinct in East Africa) black rhino and the hunting African Wild Dogs; the upgrading of the entire infrastructure of 500 miles of road, an airfield, and dams and water sources within the new area; and the introduction of an innovative outreach program to villagers living in surrounding areas. Construction of schools and clinics, new boreholes and water pumps, the formation of women’s groups and a soccer team, and the introduction of cultural tourism are all part of the program meant to benefit the people of Tanzania as well as its wildlife.

You can include a visit at Mkomazi National Park while staying at Babu’s Camp, an intimate luxury camp with a similar approach as Onsea House in Arusha. Contact if you would be staying at Onsea House and you like this to be included in your safari.

Southern circuit
Although first time visitors must see Tanzania’s safari icons in the North, the great migration of the Serengeti, the famous Ngorongoro Crater, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Tarangire and Arusha National Parks, extended air service has made it possible to include the South in the same itinerary. Whereas Arusha is the safari capital of the North, Dar es Salaam, the exotic port city and commercial capital of Tanzania, is the jumping off point for the South.

Since Tanzania’s tourism strategy is to encourage high quality, low volume tourism, the Southern Circuit creates more diversity in the safari circuits and helps avoid mass tourism.

The Selous Game Reserve, at 55,000 square km is the largest in Africa and larger than the country of Switzerland. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the Rufijii River, Selous offers the tourist different game viewing experiences, boat safaris, as well as walking safaris. In addition to its masses of elephants, hippos, buffalo, it is the remaining home of the Black Rhino and is also home to 25% of the continent’s wild dog population.

Ruaha National Park will soon be combined with Usangu Game Reserve, and expected to increase its size by over 15,000 square kilometers; if this expected size remain the same, it will make Ruaha the largest National Park in Africa.

Ruaha, which boasts 10,000 elephants, the largest population of any East African national park, protects a vast tract of the rugged semi-arid bush country that characterizes central Tanzania. Its lifeblood is the Great Ruaha River, which courses along the Eastern boundary of the park. A fine network of game-viewing roads follows the Great Ruaha and its seasonal tributaries, where, during the dry season, impala, waterbuck and other antelopes risk their life for a sip of life sustaining water. The risk is considerable with prides of 20 plus lions lording over the savannah, the cheetahs that stalk the open grassland and the leopards that lurk in tangled riverside thickets. Ruaha is also home to over 450 bird species. The Usangu Game Reserve includes the Ihefu Wetland, the natural water reservoir for the Great Ruaha River.

Other parks in the South include Mikumi, set between the Uluguru Mountains to the north and the Lumango mountains to the south-east and within a short flight from Dar es Salaam, Mikumi is teeming with wildlife and 300 species of birdlife.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park, one of the world’s key biodiversity hot spots, is especially known for its 10 or so species of primates, including the rare Iringa Red Colobus and the Sanje Crested Mangabey as well as the bizarre giant elephant shrew. Its constant climate has given rise to a range of flora and fauna, and sometimes called the African Galapagos.

ATR Africa Travel Resource recommends Onsea House as best intimate lodge in Arusha

Africa Travel Resource is one of the leading online companies specialising in the creation of innovative tailormade safaris. Their customers are typically the kind of travellers who really want to avoid the usual trails and engage with places in a deeper and more intimate fashion.

As a result, you find on their website an overview of the best lodges in Africa. The list includes all properties from our colleagues Sokwe-Asilia, Nomad Tanzania, CCAfrica and Singita Grumeti Reserves.

Onsea House gets an excellent rating as best intimate lodge in Arusha and is in fact the only lodge perfectly matching with the intimate luxury safari experience in the bush like Oliver’s Camp, Sayari Camp, Suyan Camp and Olakira Camp from Asilia Lodges or Sand Rivers Selous, Kiba Point, Rhino House, Greystoke Mahale, Chada Katavi, Nomad Serengeti Safari camp (moving from Wogakuria, Masek, Mbalageti, Olosokwan, Piaya) and Nomad Tarangire from Nomad Tanzania.

Zanzibara: Een muzikale safari door Tanzania en Kenia, langs de Swahili-kust

Van dinsdag 15 april t/m zondag 20 april laat het Zanzibara Festival in het Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderspershuis bezoekers kennismaken met de ongekende rijkdom van de Swahili-cultuur. Deze Oost-Afrikaanse kustcultuur is gevormd door ruim 1000 jaar overzeese uitwisseling en daarmee een mix van niet alleen Afrikaanse maar ook Arabische, Indiase, Europese en andere elementen. Deze unieke cultuur strekt zich uit van Zuid-Somalië tot de kustgebieden van Kenia en Tanzania, Noord-Mozambique, Zanzibar en de Comoren. De taarabmuziek weerspiegelt vele van deze culturen die er passeerden. Naast zang, dans en muziek brengen ook films, lezingen en een speciale CD-uitgave de geurige mengeling van de Swahili-cultuur tot hier. Met o.a. Amina (Kenia), Saida Karoli (Tanzania), Kilimani Qasida Group (Zanzibar).

Wie Tanzania en Zanzibar zelf wil ontdekken, kan voor een safari, Kilimnanjaro beklimming en/of Zanzibar reis inclusief leuke addressen voor muziekoptredens in Arusha contact opnemen met Onsea House in Arusha voor nuttig advies. De eigenaars woonden tot 4 jaar geleden op een boogscheut van het Zuiderspershuis en wonen en werken inmiddels 4 jaar in Tanzania.

True Africa on national television in Holland

The Arusha based Tour Operator TrueAfrica has had the privilege to assist in making the highly entertaining and worldly program “waar is De Mol?”. In this program the Dutch presenter Johnny de Mol takes well known Dutch people to the most beautiful and interesting countries in Africa. In this episode Johnny hosts Humberto Tan in Tanzania. Humberto Tan is a sports show presenter in Holland and has spent time in the village of Machame, at the base of the famous Kilimanjaro Mountain, when he was a child. Johnny takes him back to this village and offers a variety of activities, from gamedriving in Lake Manyara National Park to hunting with the elusive Hadzabe tribesmen…do not miss out and see the beauty of Tanzania on television!

Johny and the Mol and his team came for dinner at Onsea House and were excited about their stay. In the meantime also other Dutch media people came for dinner. Details are confidential but we might soon appear on Dutch television.

Tonight, Monday 31st of March at 22.30 hours at Veronica, featuring True Africa!
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De Madammen van Radio 2 contacteren Onsea House Arusha, in Tanzania

Nathalie uit Boom wil deze zomer naar Tanzania. Ze zat nog met een aantal vragen en contacteerde De Madammen van Radio 2 (VRT). Een massa enthousiaste luisteraars tipten de Madammen tijdens hun ochtendshow. 

Als Vlamingen in Tanzania, werd Onsea House in Arusha door Anja Daems gebeld en een opinie gevraagd.  

Een greep uit de telefonische reacties en het interview over het land van de Kilimanjaro, safaris naar Manyara, Ngorongoro en Serengeti en strandvakanities in Zanzibar kan je herbeluisteren via de De Madammen van Radio 2.

Arusha Hotel Reviews

Although interesting to read reviews in travel guides to Tanzania - Rough Guide and Lonely Planet to name a few - and online reviews on travel advisory websites like TripAdvisor and Zoover, the nicest experience remains to read about Onsea House in Arusha in weblogs, where guests are proud to share holiday experiences with their friends.

Read the story of a global traveler who staid with us after his photo safari to Arusha National Park and selected some pictures taken from our guesthouse and views from his accommodation with text to match to feature his picture gallery.

Be at home bij Onsea House op de B&B Expo in Brussel en win 3 gratis overnachtingen

Op de Internationale Bed & Breakfast beurs in Brussel vandaag 15 en morgen 16 maart 2008 wordt Onsea House Arusha vertegenwoordigd door, de online reisgids voor Nederlandstaligen die zonder taalbarrière waar ook ter wereld op reis willen.

Bezoekers aan de stand kunnen bij Monique Maes het codewoord vragen voor de wedstrijd en dan rest je enkel nog te emailen naar met het codewoord en antwoord op de volgende vraag: van waar komt de naam “Onsea” House? Het antwoord vind je vanzelfsprekend op

Het 10de correcte antwoord dat ons bereikt wint 3 gratis overnachtingen voor 2 personen op B&B basis bij Onsea House in Arusha (Tanzania) én een gratis en geheel vrijblijvende safari offerte.

Onsea House vind je ook terug op de site van Beschambresdhôtes en Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal - RVI, die beiden een overzicht geven van Vlamingen met een hotel, guesthouse of B&B in het buitenland. Beiden hebben ook een stand op het B&B vakantiesalon op Brussels Expo (Heizel) salon 2.

Meer over de deelname van Onsea House aan de B&B Expo in 2009 vind u in het artikel Genieten in een exotische B&B bij Belgen in Tanzania van 8 maart 2009.

Waar is de Mol? Vanavond dineerde hij bij Onsea House in Arusha!

Nederlandse acteur en presentator Johnny de Mol, zoon van Endemol mede-stichter John de Mol, is op stap met een keur aan bekende Nederlanders in Afrika.

Hanna Verboom, Doutzen Kroes en Lange Frans zijn enkele van de bekende Nederlanders die met Johnny de Mol naar Afrika vertrekken voor het nieuwe Veronica-programma Waar is de Mol?. De gasten van Johnny hebben allen iets met Afrika of de regio die zij samen zullen bezoeken. Ze zijn er bijvoorbeeld opgegroeid.

In de zesde aflevering gaat Johnny met wielrenner Michael Boogerd naar Tanzania. Michael is ambassadeur van de humanitaire organisatie Right To Play die zich inzet voor sport en spel voor de meest achtergestelde kinderen van de wereld. Samen met Johnny bezoekt hij voor het eerst de projecten die zij ondersteunen.

Vanavond dineerden Johnny de Mol en zijn gevolg bij ons in het Onsea House restaurant in Arusha. Of Onsea House Arusha in beeld zal komen op TV weten we nog niet, dat de Mol zou terugkomen naar Onsea House wist hij alvast wel!

Waar is de Mol? Sinds 25 februari op maandag om 22.30 uur te zien bij Veronica.